Head-first into the Twenty-first

By way of introduction:

I am Lalo Telling, a Second Life “furry”. My rezday was 12/05/07. (My “typist”, as I have seen it termed just recently, is a single male polymath in his mid-50s.) I have been blogging sporadically in a ning.com social network, “Furry4Life”, on some of the sociological phenomena to be found at the interface between the furry subculture and Second Life.

In the past few months (especially since my typist became unemployed), I have been introduced to, and joined, other 21st Century channels of communication. Someone I follow on Twitter — I don’t now remember who — recently led me to other blogs about SL, and those convinced me that I, too, should try adding my voice to the multitudes shouting down the public well.

I’ll begin by re-posting a few of the things I’ve written for F4L… which cannot otherwise be read unless you join that site, which is my other reason for creating this blog: bringing it to a wider potential readership.


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