Happy 6th Birthday, Luskwood!

October 3, 2009 was the sixth birthday of Luskwood, the oldest surviving furry gathering place in Second Life.  (If there were others established before it, which have disappeared since, I’ve never heard them mentioned… but considering that the 6th birthday of SL itself was just four months ago, there can’t have been many competitors for the title.)

The celebration itself was fairly low key, consisting mainly of a full day’s worth of live musical performances at the amphitheater in Perry, and a treasure hunt.  Rather than recording that, I decided to capture sights of the place being celebrated. (click each to enlarge)

This image is cropped from Luskwood’s exhibit at Second Life’s 6th birthday (SL6B), and shows the original tree and platforms on a small portion of what was a multi-purpose sim.

This is the Big Tree today.  Luskwood now takes in at least 3/4 of the Lusk region, all of Perry (adjacent to the east), almost all of Clara (east of Perry), and approximately  1/3 of Tehama (south of Perry).

A wider shot, looking southeast.  The lighthouse and the amphitheater are in Perry, as is the platform connected to the Big Tree by the arched bridge.

Looking southeast from the same vantage as the previous photo, with Clara in the distance on the left, Perry in the center foreground, and Tehama (including my home) in the center background.  Little-known-fact: there are 5 Luskwood avatar vendors within Perry’s borders, of which 3 are probably rarely seen by regulars, let alone visitors.
Lusk Estates: one of the oldest residential-only neighborhoods in Second Life.  There are notecard-givers that still dispense information about the estate, dated November 2004.  At least one of the original founders still makes her home in the Estates.
Concluding with words written for the Luskwood exhibit at SL6B:
Luskwood began with four people, a scrap of public land, a wooden owl, and an idea: that if we provided a place rich in community and friendship and the quiet welcome of green and growing spaces, it could be home to many people and many enduring memories.  For the last six years, we have … focused on the evolution of this idea, of the land, of our place in SL.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The above images (except for the original Tree), along with others, may also be viewed in my  LW6B album, online at Picasa.

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