Yesterday (10/27), while reading through the other blogs I follow, I came to Pixels and Policy and a post entitled “Players May Soon Use One Avatar for Multiple Worlds”… and found that the length of the comments I felt urged to write exceeded Typepad’s capacity to upload them. Long story short: I’ve now followed in Dusan Writer’s footsteps (see “You should read:”, below).

You can find the results here.

Not precisely as-submitted: PixPol saw fit to rearrange my paragraph breaks, and add a couple of sub-heads to fit their usual style… but otherwise, word-for-word.

“And here’s another clue for you all”*: Check your sources. While I was turning my comments into a proper essay, and re-reading the links that PixPol had originally provided, I found all but one of them to be anywhere from 18 months to 2 years old, and one of those touted an application which has yet to be released. It strikes me that a person trying to find the signal of a new trend out of the noise would, at least, examine publication dates and sniff the air for the hint of vaporware.

The important thing, however, is Pixel and Policy’s openness to feature publication of contrary opinion. For that, they are to be roundly congratulated.

– – – – – – –
* “Glass Onion”, The Beatles


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