Rezday Rumination

Two Years of Lalo

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It’s that time…

Two years, yesterday.

It began, ironically enough, by finding an email from Second Life reminding me that my annual premium membership will be auto-paid in two weeks. Yes, that’s all the longer I was able to hold out before buying the privilege of buying L$ so I could buy a decent furry avatar — the Luskwood brown fox. In honor of the day, I dusted off the fox (which I haven’t worn in months), updated his hair, then spent a good chunk of time doing what I did then: sitting on a bench at Luskwood, letting the conversation wash over me, and contributing occasionally.

Then my date arrived, the incomparable Kate. I recently learned (through Dale Innes’ blog) of what appears to be a tradition of sorts: naked skydiving, using only a Mary Poppins-style umbrella. I had invited Kate to join me in that, and we decided to take the Kittenberg (the zeppelin she scratch-built and scripted) to the Blake Sea for the jump. It’s a long fall from 2500 meters…

After tp’ing back to Lalo Land to dry off and cuddle for a while, Kate had to go… and I went back to Luskwood to contemplate what Kate and I have decided to call “Time Compression Factor”. It’s a phenomenon everyone notices almost immediately, though they usually call it “time dilation“: a great deal more time appears to pass while immersed in Second Life as compared to realtime. Or, as Dorothy puts it in The Wizard of Oz, “People come and go so quickly here!”

– – – – – – – – –
Highlights from the collage:

~ [upper left corner] The second-oldest photograph I took in SL, many versions of the viewer ago and with my previous computer, which at the time had only an integral graphics processor. I’m sitting in Tehama, which then was a Japanese-themed sim owned and built by Snakekiss Noir. I used it for a rez-in/rez-out point before I had a home. The wonder is: my home is in Tehama, no more than 20 meters from the site of that pic.

~ [lower left corner] The Fox, two years on. (I wonder if Luskwood will complete and release the upgrade for their fox av before my third rezday…)

~ [2nd row, 5th from left] Atop the Kittenberg, ready to make the long jump.

~ [2nd row, 4th from left; 3rd row, left] That’s Kate ♥  In the second one, we’re on top of the temple at Silk Waters Mountain (Livigno region), which is where Snakekiss Noir moved and expanded the build that was once Tehama.

– – – – – – – – –
Avatars of Lalo Telling:

December ’07: Luskwood brown fox
June ’08: Luskwood clouded leopard 1.0
October ’08: “Lost Crypt” black cat (Lost Furest limited release for Hallowe’en)
December ’08: Lost Furest grey tabby “Kristmas Kitty”
February ’09: Aventity serval (limited re-release)
April ’09: Curious, Inc. “Felis” (modded with the skin from the leopard)
July ’09: Luskwood clouded leopard 2.0

– – – – – – – – –


3 responses to “Rezday Rumination

  1. Yes, I love the phrase Botgirl used… “from “Wow” to “whatever”….” It is so important not to lose track of just how amazing this medium is, and rezz days are a great time to remind ourselves, I think.

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