SecondLie’s First "Office Hour"

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(or should that be “Orifice Hour”?)

(clockwise from the Baghead himself:  Saffia Widdershins; me; Shockwave Plasma; Elanor Ocheis; [SecondLie bear]; CodeBastard Redgrave, Gabby Panacek; Chestnut Rau; Zha Ewry)
If you have a Twitter account and you’re not following SecondLie, perhaps you should.  A few times a day, “he” uses it to poke fun at official Linden Lab pronouncements, especially the SL Grid Status Twitter feed and the blog. This “Office Hour” extends his parody into SL itself.

The session began with some revelatory history:

SecondLie Scribe: So, who has a question for me to dodge?
Lalo Telling: OK, I’ll open: when did you start Tweeting your words of *cough* wisdom?
SecondLie Scribe: I began Tweeting in January of 2008
SecondLie Scribe: It was a reaction to the new trademark and copyright policy
SecondLie Scribe: Twitter is not covered by the TOS AUP
SecondLie Scribe: So SCREW THEM!
Lalo Telling: Policy?
SecondLie Scribe: Yes. Instead of promoting the use of the trademarks and copyrights to get the word out about SL, the Lab started to harass people over their use to protect it, demanding the use of trademark and copyright symbols.
SecondLie Scribe: So, SecondLie was invented during the blogger’s strike.
SecondLie Scribe: Over 30 bloggers were a party of it initially.
Eleanor Ocheis: Interesting!
SecondLie Scribe: If you watch the typos, you’ll figure out who the last one standing is.
Lalo Telling: (which I missed, not having discoverd the SLogosphere until last summer…)
SecondLie Scribe: Since then, SecondLie has been a rolling commentary on SLGridStatus and other Linden announcements.
SecondLie Scribe: Plus, an endless font of wise wisdom!
Gabby Panacek: SecondLie, can you comment on your use of a paper bag to cover your face?
Gabby Panacek tries to peek under the frayed edges
SecondLie Scribe: Yes. My look is a rip-off of Murray Langston, aka The Unknown Comic.
SecondLie Scribe: From the Gong Show in the 70’s
CodeBastard Redgrave: hahahaha
SecondLie Scribe: It was used because it represented the unknown quality of the tweets
SecondLie Scribe: nobody knew who was posting which tweet
SecondLie Scribe: The bag was ripped off for the 1000th tweet… and then a new group came in to tweet on the account.
SecondLie Scribe: The scheme was meant to confuse the Lindens as well as make it impossible for them to target anyone specifically. At one time, 5 ex-Lindens posted to the account.
Eleanor Ocheis: Oh wow
SecondLie Scribe: The rules were simple:
SecondLie Scribe: 1) No profanity
SecondLie Scribe: 2) Keep it funny
SecondLie Scribe: 3) Only target Lindens
SecondLie Scribe: 4) If a resident gets goofy, ask them permission to joke about them before mocking them
SecondLie Scribe: most people say yes
Gabby Panacek: I particularly enjoy your spoofs of the grid status updates
SecondLie Scribe: SecondLie is also supposed to be written from the perspective of an “evil universe” lab… like he’s a support role there, but hates his job, so he mocks the place.
SecondLie Scribe: Oh, and the Datacenter employees are all stoners. hence the 420 jokes.
Lalo Telling: hmmm… so there is no -one- SecondLie – you’re multitudes?
SecondLie Scribe: There are still 5 people regularly posting these days
Gabby Panacek: interesting
SecondLie Scribe: The obvious culprit posts about 80% of the material.
SecondLie Scribe: And laughs his ass off when he sees something from someone else.
Gabby Panacek: I’ve always assumed SecondLie was operated by one individual
SecondLie Scribe: It has always been a group effort.
SecondLie Scribe: The exception being this av
Gabby Panacek: *nods
Gabby Panacek: because that would be a TOS violation

The rest of the hour was a fairly random exchange of wit from all participants — nothing truly hilarious, but decidedly fun to be a part of. Here’s my favorite bit, spun from the topic of inventory loss:

SecondLie Scribe: We’re working on a sim called Lost And Found to replace the inventory Lost and Found folder.
SecondLie Scribe: All your missing stuff will be there
CodeBastard Redgrave: hahahahahaha
SecondLie Scribe: Just TP in and claim it.
SecondLie Scribe: Before someone else does.
CodeBastard Redgrave: that would be SO awesome tho haha
Saffia Widdershins laughs
Zha Ewry laughs, imaging a sim full of lost freenises
Lalo Telling: That’s Zindra
Zha Ewry: “Hey, Sven? Iis that yours?”
SecondLie Scribe: Ah, the Sim Of Lost Freenises.
SecondLie Scribe: We’re working on a new Linden Homes area based on that.
Chestnut Rau: is it like the land of lost toys?
SecondLie Scribe: Prickland.
CodeBastard Redgrave: hahahahaha
Lalo Telling: sorta, yeah
Shockwave Plasma: That is where they count UPtime in a different manner
SecondLie Scribe: problem is, every time we make one, Lindens move in and call it home.
Zha Ewry: The Island of Misfit Sex Toys?
Chestnut Rau: right
CodeBastard Redgrave: lmao
Chestnut Rau: misfit Linden sex toyz
SecondLie Scribe: I thought THIS was the island of misfit sex toys.
Lalo Telling: I thought “Prickland” was M’s office…
SecondLie Scribe: Except… um… here, they work.
CodeBastard Redgrave: LMAO
Gabby Panacek: I’ve never met misfit Linden
Zha Ewry snigger snorts at Lalo
SecondLie Scribe: Misfit Linden has a very nice bear
Zha Ewry: How could you tell, I think that would describe most of them ;)
SecondLie Scribe: Three legs, two heads.
Chestnut Rau: it’s a freenis?
CodeBastard Redgrave: hahahaha
CodeBastard Redgrave: okay, how about M’s doodlings?
Gabby Panacek: or gives freenis on touch?
Lalo Telling: The drawings, or his blog posts?
SecondLie Scribe: M’s doodlings are a result of the psychological exam he had to do to get the job.
CodeBastard Redgrave: the drawings
SecondLie Scribe: Rorshach tests
CodeBastard Redgrave: hahahaahhaha
SecondLie Scribe: He failed, so he got the job.
CodeBastard Redgrave: lmao
Zha Ewry: What do you see “It looks Like a Gorean Furrry.” Hmm. “Ok. Hire him.”
CodeBastard Redgrave: hahahahahaha
Lalo Telling: “Gorean furry” lol!
SecondLie Scribe: Gorean Linden… um… well, he doesn’t have employees as much as slaves.
SecondLie Scribe: But it does save on the payroll.
Lalo Telling: And the clothing bill
Zha Ewry: I heard you stopped offering free Paga
SecondLie Scribe: Nothing in this world is free. (Unless we steal it from your Inventory)
Chestnut Rau: so we are back to the land of the Misfit Freenis again.
Chestnut Rau: everything goes full circle I guess
Lalo Telling: We left?
SecondLie Scribe: If they don’t fit, you must acquit!

And yeah, he handed out bears.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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