1.034 Kilovisits

At the very bottom of each of the pages on this blog is a Sitemeter logo (you’ll find it on a lot of other blogs, too). It’s a widget that aggregates information about visits to each page, and I have a link to Sitemeter where I can read my “metrics”. I check it at least once a day, out of a combination of curiosity and — yes, I’ll admit it — vanity. What author doesn’t care about how widely he or she is read?

Last night, just before putting the computer and myself to bed, I looked — and saw that Sitemeter had recorded 1028 visits. 1000 is some kind of milestone, wouldn’t you think?

Mind you, I didn’t hook this blog up to Sitemeter for its first couple of weeks, so the “official” count may be short by a few… nevertheless, here’s the (slightly redacted record) of Visit # 1000:

Privacy Statement: Sitemeter does not give me the last field of anyone’s IP address (that’s why there’s a # in that field). I cannot trace my visitors to their street addresses, nor do I want to. Nevertheless, I x’ed out the first three groupings of this visit’s IP.

Anyway… whoever you are, sitting in Yorktown Heights, NY at your Mac with the widescreen monitor – Thank You for being #1000!

There have been 6 more hits since last night; that’s why this post’s title is “1.034 Kilovisits” — it was 1.032 when I started writing it. :)

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