Ret – tree – spective

Need some color in your Second Life?

soror Nishi — whose thoughtful blog is on my roll and who also is deeply involved with Koinup (the trans-virtual-world photo-sharing network) — is first and foremost a sculptor of amazingly fanciful organic forms: trees and flowers that could exist only in virtuality.

Juanita Deharo’s Virtual Treeline Gallery has mounted a retrospective exhibit of soror’s work. It opened yesterday, and will run for about a month.

Here’s the SLurl

Here’s another taste:

Be sure, as I did, to look at the work in both daylight and midnight settings.

And here’s the artist:

There are also a number of what I call “bonsai” — miniature trees suitable for inside your home — and many flowers. Go, look, and enjoy!

5 responses to “Ret – tree – spective

  1. BTW Lalo, off topic {as usual}, I took a nooblet to Luskwood last eve and she was absolutely thrilled at the number of active people with over 2000 plus days and how warmly they treated her!
    I will have to go look at the trees above, the screen shots look fantastic.

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