Seconderth (a deep map) : Natoma

Legend has it that DaBoom is the oldest region in Second Life.  The belief probably stems from the fact that DaBoom’s southwest corner is the [0,0] point of the Grid, and that every other region’s southwest corner is offset from it by some multiple of 256 “meters”.  It is more accurate to say that 16 regions — those shown on the November 2002 map above — were created simultaneously when “Linden World” was closed, wiped from the servers, and SL commenced its closed-beta phase: October 2002.

Rather than beginning at [0,0], I choose to open with Natoma because it was where everyone first rezzed: the Grid’s first Welcome Area.

The above was taken some time between mid-October 2002 and January 2003 (when the Welcome Area was moved to Ritch).  Neither the photographer or the avatars in the photo are identified, sad to say, but the image itself is reproduced in a sort of museum in the basement of the Governor’s Mansion in Clementina.  Behind the avatars is the “Newbie Corral”, and behind it is the Grand Arch.

The Arch was created by Alberto Linden; “Inspect” shows that every prim in it was rezzed simultaneously on October 18, 2002, so the possibility exists that it was saved in Alberto’s inventory from Linden World’s demise and imported into SL from there.  No matter how one counts, the Arch is among the Grid’s 5 Oldest Builds.

Another museum piece shows two anonymous avvies sitting atop the big hand-in-eye, with some other significant landmarks in the background.  If the Arch has not been moved from its first placement (which I suspect is the case), the Newbie Corral’s space is now occupied by the Ivory Tower of Primitives (built in 2005).

Behind that in the image above, from left to right are Avatar Central, Tcoz Bach’s house, and…

The Man, created by oldjohn Linden on July 19, 2002 (except for its base stone, which was rezzed on October 9, 2002, probably when the statue was imported from oldjohn’s inventory).

This colorful house was created by Tcoz Bach in March 2003.  Guessing from the old photo, it has been has moved vertically from its original position; now standing atop “Mt. Natoma”, 70 meters above datum (see the overview photo above).

This is Delerium’s Castle, by Delerium Digeridoo (March 20, 2003).  In the left background is one of two extant copies of Sinatra’s Spook House (Sinatra Cartier, Oct 17, 2003) — a front view can be found in the online collection, “SL History, Part I: The First 20 Sims“, along with more images of Natoma, with notes.


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