BBBC 2: "Are you positive…?"

The topic for today:

It’s really easy to be negative in your life – first or second. Sometimes we get so bogged down by the things that are bad, we forget to remember all that is good.

SL Bloggers – Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.
RL Bloggers – Write about three positive things going on in your life.

Life is Life. Go beyond the trademarks and realize:

~ “first” and “second” are nothing more than chronology,
~ individual priority may place one’s virtual mode of life first, and the organic second,
~ priorities can and will change, and
~ none of it is permanent.

Just at the moment, the only positive thing going on in my Life is Second Life®. Despite the laundry list of Deferred Maintenance (a.k.a. the JIRA items still not addressed), and the much shorter but crucial list of things I think the Lab has got absolutely fuckin’ wrong, all-in-all I have to agree with Dio Kuhr: Down on the virtual ground where we actually live that aspect of our lives, not much has changed.

I daresay that the Residents who care about how the Grid is run, and by whom, number fewer than 10%. That doesn’t make us worthy of ignoring, though god knows the Lab thinks we are… but the Great Unwashed, the oblivious supermajority — those tens of thousands concurrently logged in — are blithely going about entertaining themselves and each other the way they always do: streaming music they haven’t paid anyone for into clubs, spamming those same clubs with gestures, haunting Midnight Madness boards and Lucky Chairs to get something they may not even want in a week’s (or a day’s) time, just because it’s free… They’re also still buying L$ and spreading those “limited licenses” around as tips and purchases and rent payments, keeping the folks who have gambled (wisely or not) on running a business in SL from leaving it just yet…

They’re also all still meeting each other, and talking, and establishing true friendships (some may even be falling in love), and making stuff out of thin air, and sharing it all — across languages and histories and religions and all of those impediments of the planet’s nationalistic past which are completely irrelevant in a World With No Borders.

Three “positive things going on” in Second Life, and thus in “my” Second Life:

1. It brings people together who could never meet otherwise;

2. It does so in ways that diminish superficial prejudice;

3. It’s still going on.



5 responses to “BBBC 2: "Are you positive…?"

  1. We are obviously kindred spirits. I just saw your post after publishing my own #2 BBBC entry and was tickled that neither of us could answer a simple damn question without a multi-paragraph philosophical prelude.

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