Seconderth (a deep map) : Clara

Artifacts are thin on the ground in Clara — builds in general are.  Nevertheless, there are two, both prominent in the above photo.

“Leviathan Estates”, owned and built by Teeny Leviathan (love that name) in June 2003.

“The Lightbulb” (my coinage), owned by Millie Thompson, built by Maxx Monde in January, 2004.

But, now is a good time to highlight a valuable source of historical images:  Snapzilla, another service of the SLUniverse forum. Snapzilla is a repository of snapshots taken in Second Life and emailed directly from the browser (that is, until that feature was broken and became another “Known Issue” no one has fixed…); it can also be uploaded to in more conventional ways. However, images grabbed in-world and sent directly include the SLurl in their metadata. You can search the entire collection by region name, then sort the results oldest-first, and relive those unlamented pre-Windlight years of greenish-brown skies and draw distances no greater than 96 meters.

If you do that for Clara, you’ll discover (among other things) the first home of Dale Glass, one of Luskwood’s core people and developer of an early 3rd-party viewer. Appropriately enough, it was a glass dome… since replaced by the tree and treehouse which dominates the southeast corner of the sim (lower left in the overall photo, above).



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