BBBC 6: Post Mortem

Final topic:

If this is your first BBBC… What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?

If you’re a veteran…. Did you find this year to be harder or easier than previous years? Did you have fun? What did you get out of it this time around? Do you think you’d do it again?

It was my first BBBC, but now I’m a veteran, so….

I got two posts I’m proud of out of 6 (including this toward the total): #4 and #5. The latter, I would have written anyway — in truth, it wrote itself. The former, I might have decided (rightfully?), “Nobody cares,” but at least I was able to make a point with it.

The other three… meh. Definitely in the “Nobody cares” category. I usually Tweet new posts right after they’ve been put up; I didn’t, with those three (and I won’t with this one, either). Can’t blame the topics, though, much as I’m tempted to. The fault lies in my attitude toward personalization: this blog is about Virtuality, not about me.

Timing was bad, too — again, not the fault of the contest, just that it came in the middle of getting the “Seconderth” series out. But, it was mine to accept the challenge or pass, and once committed…

Will it change the way I blog in the future? Probably not. Average hits/day did improve over the previous couple of weeks (probably due to the curiosity of other participants), but that’s not what I’m in this for. Quality of content is what matters, not frequency of posting.

Did I have fun? 1/3 of the time (see above).

Will I do it again? Ask me next June.


One response to “BBBC 6: Post Mortem

  1. I was also a bit surprised about the questions' personal focus. I think it played out a bit differently between you and I because of the difference in the relationship between our approaches to virtual blogging. Mine is from the imagined perspective of a fictional character with an open connection to a human identity. Yours is from the perspective of a RL person exploring virtual worlds in complete pseudonymity. I actually enjoyed learning more about your background…so some of us did care. :)

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