Seconderth (a deep map) : Stillman

You may have noticed, if you’ve been looking in on this series, the highlighted Attractions on the map: A through M, 13 in total.  After 7-1/2 years, two of them are still there:  “The Man” in Natoma, and the Free Bazaar in Stillman.

The build itself is not the original (it dates from 2006), but the location remains, and so does some of the original content.  There are some special curiosities, though.

Telehubs!  Anyone newer than 2005 may have never seen these before — I certainly hadn’t — unless they’d caught a glimpse in an image at Snapzilla.  We’re so used to the way things are, some of the Way Things Were are just plain puzzling.  Charging for prim creation was one (see the entry on Freelon); charging for point-to-point teleports based on “distance” traveled was another*.  These telehubs were then rolled out (October 2003) as a free alternative — think of them as a set Landing Point for an entire region, not just a parcel, but also as a set “take-off point” (there’s an excellent entry in the Second Life Wikia about them, with a lot of images). You, too, can own all three varieties merely by clicking the sign in that photo above. (It’s on the first level, in the corner under the Confederate flags)

Possibly of interest to “midbies”, a.k.a. the Classes of ’06 and ’07: see that yellow-brown box near the stair in the back, in the photo of the Bazaar? It contains, thanks to Torley Linden, the content of the Library from those years that didn’t survive beyond 1.19 — including the discontinued Luskwood ringtail avatar, already a couple of years old, which was the last (and only?) time noobs were offered the chance to be furry from Day One.

Grace McDunnough asked the other day if architects ought to be included as artists. I certainly think so, and here’s a prime example: the majority of Stillman serves as an outdoor showroom for the work of Juro Kothari.

You can buy a copy of any one of those, except the one in the upper right, which Juro built for his partner, Cyrus Apollo, beginning in October 2003.  Standing behind that, on what remains of Stillman Mountain, are a giant pair of teddy bears made by Cyrus in the weeks around New Year, 2004.  Before, that spot was occupied by the Sun Tower.

Leaving the most imposing landmark for last — Castle Blackmoor:

Also by Juro Kothari, begun in September 2004 as his residence (though there’s no evidence that he uses it).

Stillman is one of the better-documented regions in the SL Wikia, and there are more photos in the Stillman section of “SL History, Part I : The First 20 Sims

[Update, Sept 6, 2010]  Before there was Castle Blackmoor, there was a scaled-down reproduction of Chicago’s Sears Tower on the same ground. These two photos were uploaded to “2nd Look Image Gallery” on March 17, 2004. Unfortunately, there’s no information saying who did so, and it can only be assumed (pending verification) that Juro Kothari built the tower.

* – Think about that for a minute… distance? The whole world consisted of 16 regions, and we’re talking about handing off data from one server to another in the same rack! Probably one reason why the idea didn’t stick… but then, when has the Lab ever had a coherent grasp on “monetizing”?



2 responses to “Seconderth (a deep map) : Stillman

  1. Thanks, HBA… and thanks even more for the link!

    This is the sort of thing I want to happen: a Web (pun intended) of interlinked information and stories about the Elder Days, those which have already been written connected to each other and to those which are yet to be written.

    No one person can do it all, but many of us have already done part of it; we just need to assemble the pieces.

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