Seconderth (a deep map) : Clyde

I have intended to post this series in the same order as the sims are displayed in my online album… but developments beyond anyone’s control, in the last few days, have caused me to change that for Clyde.

As reported on June 10 by Jezebel Bailey in Your2ndPlace: The Lily Pad Lounge, a live-music venue which has existed since 2003, closed and the land was put up for sale.  It was located beneath Textures Unlimited, the greenhouse structure in the upper left of the first overview (by Gene Replacement).  The land was co-owned by Drift Monde, who ran the club, and cua Curie, whose textures were “unlimited”.

I first visited Clyde in March and photographed the “TU” building, among others, but did not learn of the existence of the Lounge until late May, when a friend and I went texture shopping and stumbled across the stairs down to it.  I wasn’t in “photographer mode” at the time, mistakenly thinking I could always come  back.  When I did, it was too late.

But, luck would have it that cua was there, hoping for a buyer.

cua Curie: it was bound to happen someday
I had been trying to find a buyer for a couple months
and I warned people that it was a no go about a month ago
but drift’s account was put on hold and it forced our hand

hundreds of thousands of people have been to this place lol
our counter of people who just walked in through the texture shop door was at 250,000 when i cleared it

Even though I was not able (curse my procrastination!) to personally record The Lily Pad Lounge, many others have, and you can find a good collection at Snapzilla.

Clyde’s other major significance from the Elder Days of Beta was as the border of The Outlands, 4-1/2 damage-enabled “combat” regions.  On the map above, Attraction “G” marks the Outlands Wall, which once cut Clyde in half, north to south (its former location can be guessed from the topography in the newer overview).  The remnant you see in the lower left (southwest) corner of both overviews is located in Jessie… and will be discussed when we get to that region. However, one other “monument” to the Outlands still stands in Clyde, on Linden land near the border with Hawthorne:

The pointy sculpture with the rock texture is called “Cage”, and was built by Eric Linden (April 20, 2003). The danger sign — facing the wrong way — is by Catapult Grimm (April 26, 2003).

Note: The first overview photo was taken March 15, 2010; the second, June 19, 2010. As always, more images can be found at SL History, Part I: The First 20 Sims



6 responses to “Seconderth (a deep map) : Clyde

  1. I think we all realize that so many don't care about this…
    That doesn't make it any less important.

    Recently I've been going through old landmarks and finding a lot of missing builds, shops, interesting “public areas”.

    This is a worthwhile journey you take us on.

  2. “I wasn't in “photographer mode” at the time, mistakenly thinking I could always come back. When I did, it was too late.”
    That's the Second Life experience in a nutshell! She who hesitates is lost because there are no second chances in Second Life. :(

  3. I'm so glad you've put in the effort to provide us with this history that is both educational and fun! Thanks a ton!

    I just bought a small parcel on Clyde simply because I wanted one of those old +/-40 terraform lots to play with and this was all I could afford (I like being on the mainland).

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