Seconderth (a deep map) : Minna

Most of Minna belongs to “Divivity”, a landscape and home furnishing business owned by Div Epoch and Vivianne OFlynn (who was “Vivianne Fairlight” in beta).  They’ve been in Minna since the spring of 2004, but their first greenhouse, originally built to sell flowers for Christmas 2003, was moved there.  In the above photo, it’s the small blue roof at right center.  Its oldest parts are dated November 16, 2003.

Next, a surprise — see the building with piano keys for a roof, left of center?  It contains what I now believe is the sixth of the Seven Oldest Creations in Second Life:

An octave’s worth of piano keys, built by none other than Philip Linden, with each key scripted to play a note when right-clicked.  Was this once a Library object, as Philip’s famous Beachball still is?  All I know is, it isn’t one now, and I haven’t yet found another like it rezzed in-world.  The rest of the building, by the way, dates from 2008.

One more, for nostalgics of a different sort: “Second Life Fever”, by Phil Cassidy (July 2004), tucked into the western edge of Minna (that’s Da Boom in the background).

There’s more in the Minna section of “SL History, Part I: The First 20 Sims“, including a rezzed instance of the Beachball and some furniture from 2003.

Note: Thanks to Vivianne for devoting the Picks in her Profile to historical notes (in verse, no less), from which I constructed most of the first paragraph.



One response to “Seconderth (a deep map) : Minna

  1. Bad news for SL archeologists: now (January 2011) the piano keys of Philip Linden are no longer existing at Minna and the piano shop around is away too.

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