Seconderth (a deep map) : Ritch

We now resume our regularly scheduled program, already in progress…

Short entry this time…

Even though, some time in January of 2003 — when the next four sims were added to the Original Sixteen — the Welcome Area was moved from Natoma to Ritch, no trace of anything that old remains in the region now. Almost 3/4 of it is owned by Dix Donovan, whose home can be discerned on top of that hill above and slightly to the left of the big swimming pool.  He also operates (if you can call it that), the Casa del Sol Flea Market, which has stood mostly empty since my entrance to SL (Dec. ’07).  Its landmark photo, taken in the pre-Windlight days, shows most of those “Rent this space” boxes in the same location they occupy now.

However, for the sake of oldbie/midbie nostalgia, if not history, there is this, tucked into a corner of the market:

HippiePay, one of the many “get free Lindens” scams set up in the so-called Hype years: part pyramid scheme, part Traffic-gaming, and part email spam source.  This little gem — billed at the time as a preferable alternative to “camping” — paid you some pittance for going to a Web link to answer surveys (hence, the spam, because you had to give it an email address).  It also encouraged setting up your own “affiliate” (that’s the pyramid part), and to visit HippiePay Island to get another pittance (that’s the Traffic gaming).  The scheme ceased to exist some time in 2008, the website is down, and the island is off the map.

Most of the remainder of Ritch is owned by “Sapphire Moon” — that’s the valley in the upper right, with all the glow.  And just in case you thought gambling was prohibited in SL… Besides being pretty, this location is the telehub to “Sapphire Moon Entertainment” (owned by Plexore Lumiere, class of ’04).

Sapphire Moon brings you state-of-the-art Las Vegas style gaming where you can WIN BIG L$! All games utilize the reliable Sapphire Star (S*) credit system. First increase your balance of S*, then play the skill games to WIN L$!

Play to WIN Sapphire Stars (S*) on luxurious vegas-style games. Feel like winning L$? Play the SKILL games! For those with High Roller blood, the sky is NOT the limit. Roll with style IN ORBIT on the Sapphire Moon VIP Space Station!

To paraphrase P.T. Barnum: “There’s a sucker rezzed every minute.”

There is one historic build in the northeast corner of Ritch — in fact, it straddles the four corners of Ritch, Minna, Natoma and Zoe. But Zoe is another of the Original Sixteen without a single prim dating back to the Elder Days, except for that spot, so I’m saving it for that entry, which will be next.


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