Seconderth (a deep map) : Zoe

Another “before and after” look:  above, March 29 2010 — below, June 21 2010.

The differences between those are subtle (except for the megaprims in the southeast corner), consisting mostly of the relocation of two major builds from Zoe to become Hiro Pendragon’s neighbors in Varney.  They were replaced by a large house, admirable not only for its architecture but its interior appointments — not ‘historical’ in the context of this series, but well worth a look.

As I mentioned last time, both Zoe and its neighbor Ritch contain only one build remaining from the Elder Days, which they also share with Minna and Natoma:

It has the name “Sacred Space”, and it was built by Simon Metalhead in October 2003.  (The above view looks southwest; Zoe’s quarter is at lower left).

It is a circle of trilithons, a la Stonehenge, set in a copse of trees; the curved stone benches were added much more recently.  The corners of the four regions meet in the mathematical center of the build.

Nothing remains of either the Disco or the Superstore (items J and K on the map), and the SL Wikia is silent about them. In fact, Zoe’s entire entry consists of:

One of the early sims

There is evidence, in the photo collections at Snapzilla, of a long-standing Tibetan Buddhist presence in Zoe, and a shrine remains atop the higher of the region’s two surviving mountains. How far back that goes can’t be determined; Snapzilla only saves the date of when a snap was uploaded, not when it was taken.

So, once again before we move on to the next region, let me repeat my appeal to Those Who Were There, Then: Please, fill in the blanks. Go to the Wikia and help edit it; leave comments in this blog if you like; post in your own blogs if you have them and send me a link.

Tell the stories before they’re forever lost.


8 responses to “Seconderth (a deep map) : Zoe

  1. Hi Lalo!

    I moved from Natoma very early on to Zoe. I stayed within Zoe but hopped around on the sim. My parcel was next to the Zoe AirField created by Apotheus Silverman and Cubey Terra which later transition to the sim Abbotts. Jauani Wu acquired most of the old Zoe Airfield and gave me a large portion of it, which I hold to this day on the southern coast. Sulumar Romulus is the one who owns the parcel next to mine that you see the megaprims on. It belongs to the Zoe Gardens Socity, which began long ago when Khaman Fate lived on Zoe (I sold him his first parcel- he later became a prolific content creator of trees and shrubbery.) He later moved to another location. The Zoe Gardens Society was an attempt to preserve the natural beauty of a region as many were popping up around it and becoming largely residential. Many thought it was important to have a least one area that maintained a more natural setting. As time went on, Avi Arrow acquired much of the region from the Zoe Garden Society, while Sulumar kept the southeastern corner for her own use.
    Voodoo Sauvage owns the large parcel you see with the Buddha statue, there are also other art installation that have been there for several years as part of his ongoing artist installations called “Gods & Monsters.”

    Avi Arrow acquired the vast majority of Zoe from other past inhabitants and kept the lent her efforts to the same that Zoe Garden Association had long ago, to preserve the natural settings. Much of the Northern Sim was, at one time, donated to the Ivory Tower of Prims although I am not certain if it still is since i have seen residential structures appear there. There are very few residents of Zoe. I think it may consist solely of Avi Arrow, myself, Voodoo Sauvage, Sulumar Romulus and a landowner on the eastern side of the region, and on to the immediate west of mine on the coast (The modern house you mention) although I have never seen anyone there. Zoe has seen some past residents move on to remarkable things, embedding themselves in the history of our world.

  2. Lalo, is there any chance that once you finish this project (or get halfway through it), you could put all this material in a PDF file or an ebook, or even, dare I suggest, a paper book?

  3. Lalo, I second Graine's suggestion. SL won't be around forever, and even if it lasts many more years not all builds will get the Svarga resurrection. Historians, sociologists, and students of cyberculture will be studying the world, and it's important to record what we can.

    And you would become a de-facto expert for we layabout academics signing books and dining in style on the rubber-chicken circuit.

    Let's talk offline about your “visiting” my cyberculture course next Spring. Yours is a project of merit and my students would love the perspective you bring.

  4. @Phaylen: Thank you!!!

    No bones about it: I'm honored that a Resident of such long standing and high reputation dropped by to add to the narrative. I hope you'll spread the word.

    I've shopped in your L$50 store. “Gods and Monsters” is well worth a visit, and quite a few of the old images in Snapzilla are Voodoo's. And, although I don't know Khamon Fate personally, I feel as if I do from his presence at SLUniverse (Taber will next be the next region discussed here, by the way).

    Khamon's profile features a quote which perfectly and poetically fits my effort, from no less than the finest storyteller of the 20th Century:

    “But of bliss and glad life there is little to be said, before it ends; as works fair and wonderful, while still they endure for eyes to see, are their own record, and only when they are in peril or broken for ever do they pass into song.”

    — J.R.R. Tolkein, Quenta Silmarillion

  5. @Graine: Thank you, too… I'm flattered. But, to be honest, there are still 36 regions to go in this task I've set out for myself. If anything like a book is to come from this, I must at least finish the rough draft ;-)

    @Iggy: By all (and any) means, let's talk. IM or notecard me in-world, and we'll go from there.

  6. Hi Lalo – my looooong running road trip in that area stalled 12+ months ago at Zoe's border (in the Sacred Space to be exact: but I recently restarted it in Zoe. I'm afraid I didn't get much beyond some photos I sent to my Flickr ( I still intend to go back and finish it, but my muse departed and in her place I found the roleplaying spirit that has driven me on over these past few months. I've spoken very briefly to both Avi & Phaylen about talking to them about the history of Zoe but you have done a far better job than I could – thank you! :)

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