Seconderth (a deep map) : Taber

Looks empty, doesn’t it?  As a matter of fact, the southeast corner (upper left) was vacated and terraformed flat a few days before this photo was taken.  As far I know, it’s still for sale… but as we all have come to know, things can, and often do, change overnight.

However, Taber — nestled between Natoma and Welsh — is brim-full of artifacts from the Elder Days, and most of them can be found at Park’s Fireworks, right across the water from The Grand Arch.

Next to the fireworks store itself is a freebie barn containing some amazing old things, some not to be found elsewhere (that I know of, so far), and many of them Linden-made.

This one, the original Information notecard-giver, nearly made the cut as one of the Oldest Objects… as it is, it was beaten out by the Grand Arch itself by a mere two weeks, and is a strong contender for Ninth Oldest overall.  There are photos of other ancient curiosities (though none so old), including one of Juro Kathari’s earliest builds, in the Taber section of“SL History, Part I: The First 20 Sims”.

Directly behind the freebie barn is the Taber Windmill, built mostly by Pituca FairChang (windows by her husband Garth) during February 2004.

The story of Pituca Fairchild and Garth Chang — when, how and where they met, became “roommates” in SL, then partners, then husband and wife in RL — is much better told by Pituca herself in her occasional blog than I could ever manage. And be prepared for a sniffle or two, at the least; Garth died in September, 2009.

Tucked into the northwest corner of Taber is a parcel called “D’Ni Restoration Project”, claimed by Piprrr Godel on October 4, 2003 when he was approximately a week ‘old’, and who built this semi-industrial home there immediately.

And we can’t leave Taber without noting another of its long-time Residents, Khamon Fate (Nov. 21, 2003) of “Fate Gardens”, whose parcel is in the northeast corner.  That’s the lower left of the overview, but as of this writing, what you see there (and which he called “Fate Cove”) has been taken down, and he’s building something new and castle-like, so he says.


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