Seconderth (a deep map) : Hawthorne

Dominated by RacerX Gullwing’s Snail Races, Xenophile Neurocam’s Club Symmetry (the green half-dome), and Nympheas Textures (the butterflies, where she sells, among other things, textures to make “Jewerls” [sic])… Hawthorne is another of the Original Sixteen to be nearly devoid of remnants from the days of its first occupation.

There is, however, a rough gem in the northeast corner (upper right in the image above):

“Classic Clothing”, by Billie Sunshine.  “Classic” it certainly is, in the manner of “unchanged since April 2003”, when this store was erected and most of the items placed in it.

“New!  Virtual Shopping!”  The vendor at left, and the notecard it still dispenses after 7 years, were created on July 22, 2003.  Here’s the full text of the notecard.

Welcome to Virtual Shopping

This is a test run of this machine.
If you have any problems please IM Billie Sunchaser

The red and green buttons are used to flip through the images of what you can buy.
The Price shows above the picture of each item.
When you find something you wish to purchase, right click the picture and pay it that amount and the item will be passed to you. Accept the item and it will go into your inventory.

Thanks for shopping with Classic Clothing!

Pretty long test run, wouldn’t you say?

Here, I have to admit to mixed feelings. I scratch my head in wonder at “businesspeople” who plunk down a shop and their wares somewhere, then seemingly walk away from them forever (this isn’t the first instance, by the way — merely the first that qualifies as certifiably ‘ancient’ in the context of this survey). Never updated to stay abreast of the improved technology in-world, let alone techniques of shading and other attention to detail that can turn, say, a crappy system shirt layer into something resembling a real shirt worn by a real person. Not all of them are Charter Members who can hold their land without paying a dime in tier, and they have to make it up somehow, but you can’t imagine anyone actually buying stuff that is obviously so out-of-date…

And yet, I have to be thankful for them, too. Were it not for people like Billie Sunshine, I’d have even less left to record in this blog and my online albums — and that would be sad.

Also of interest: “Classic Clothing” moved onto its spot less than a week after Hawthorne and the other 3-1/2 sims that had been The Outlands joined civilized life as Mature but non-combat (see also the entry on Clyde, and more will be related when we get to Jessie).

And, though outside the age bracket, so to speak, of this endeavor, it is worth noting that the land now occupied by RacerX’s snail track once held an homage to New York City called “Chase’s Manhattan”, and is still owned by Chase Rutherford. You can find photos of it from the middle years (’05 – ’09) at Snapzilla.



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