Seconderth (a deep map) : Shipley

From regions nearly bare of historical items — or nearly bare, period, as what occurred in Clyde — we come to Shipley, which has a large number of artifacts from the Elder Days packed into its eastern edge (the foreground of the above image).  Most of that land is group-owned, and is known as Shipley Shores.

This house began as a Linden freebie, and was embellished with decks and awnings by ramon Kothari in September, 2003.  (Yes, there are a lot of Kothari’s in SL’s early architectural history… but recall SL’s practice, from the very beginning, of offering only a few last names to choose from.  I frequently have to remind myself that they’re not truly related.)  It may be most significant for what it contains: among other things, a TV built by Paul Zeeman in August 2002, which I have just added to the Oldest Objects post as the new #7.

What’s up with the hippos in SL?  They started with a humorous thread in the old Forum, and were taken up in-world by Residents and Lindens alike.  Lauren Jones wrote an excellent blog about Hippo History, where you can learn all you may want.  This one is a bona fide original, made by Hikaru Yamamoto in April 2003 for his zoo, where once a family of hippos dwelt.

Club Sinatra, built by Sinatra Cartier in August 2003.  He may be as well known for his Spook Houses (that’s another, behind the cliff at the right-hand edge of the photo) as for his renditions of songs by the Chairman of the Board (no, not Philip Linden… The Chairman, Mr. Francis Albert Himself).

There are lots more things to see in Shipley, and you can find photos of them in the expected place… including a non-historical but had-to-be-preserved incarnation of Ceiling Cat!


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