Seconderth (a deep map) : Federal

Another tale of Opportunity Missed… but the reverse of my experience with Clyde.  You may recall that this effort (which for the longest time had no title) was triggered by a post at SLUniverse asking “What are the oldest remaining places in Second Life?”  Among the first to respond to that question was the founder and owner of the forum itself, Cristiano Midnight, regarding his builds in Federal.

At the time, all I was doing is taking clues from the posts in that thread, zooming out to grab photos, and then posting them in the forum.  The idea for the online albums — organized by region, with maps and notes and an overhead shot of each sim to lead off the section — came later.  I went to shoot Cris’ place in March, and I hadn’t been back since… and in preparing for this entry, I realized I didn’t have an overview. The result is above.  That big rectangular inlet in the foreground — Federal’s south coast — is where Cristiano used to be.

It’s a shame those builds are gone… but at least this time I got the photos before they disappeared, and the fact that they were created during September and October, 2003.

A curiosity from the Elder Days which is still there is this unfinished build on Federal’s east side:

We’ve heard of prims disappearing before, and perhaps this March 13, 2003 build by Sturm Valen suffered from that — but, textures as well?  Barely visible in that shot is another copy of Alberto Linden’s “Corbusier” couch, which — with a creation date of October 9, 2002 — supplants his own Grand Arch by nine days, as Ninth Oldest.  (There’s another copy in Mystic Sunshine’s home in Da Boom).

Two other sites of note: First, the blue high-rise in the center of the sim is Tony Tigereye’s Second Life Art Gallery, parts of which were built in October, 2003.  I suspect they were moved to Federal from elsewhere, since the land wasn’t claimed by Tony until May, 2005.  Second, the black glass building on top of the huge stone foundation is called “Über”, and though it is not from ancient times, its owner is: Simon Metalhead, who created the Sacred Space we saw in Zoe.

Photo credit: Lynnix Muse; 2nd Look Image Gallery

[Update: Sept 6, 2010] Beginning with the April 1, 2003 edition of the World Map, a landmark pin appeared in Federal labeled “Greek Temple”.  I finally discovered a photo of it in “2nd Look”, a photo-sharing site nobody uses any more, but is still available for viewing.  This was uploaded on March 28, 2004.



3 responses to “Seconderth (a deep map) : Federal

  1. Lalo, it would be nice if you provided SLurls for these sims, for us lazy types who don't want to actually log in and look them up in Search or the World Map. Just sayin…

  2. Well, y'know… I thought about that. But really — what's a SLurl for, when you're not already logged in, except to log in to a particular spot, rather than at your home or last location? The best you could do is use it to find the sim on either of SL's copies of the World Map — this one at the website, or this one at the “Make Your Own SLurl” page — and as far as I can tell, there's no place on those pages to put in a SLurl and receive the zoomed up image of the location. Besides which, the World Map doesn't do graphic justice to the regions themselves.

    Half the fun of this, as well as the education, is in the exploration. So… log in ('cause you're gonna anyway), open the World Map, type in the region name, and go! :)

  3. Yup..No SLurls!
    As one who loves seeing all the history here, part of my enjoyment is to go and actually walk (never mind the rubberbanding etc) among these places.

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