Seconderth (a deep map) : Stanford

Not for any particular reason, but some region had to be the last of The Original 16 to be posted in this series, and Stanford drew the straw. It’s another mostly empty one, but unlike Clyde (due to recent abandonment, with 3/4 now for sale) or Federal (due to recent abandonment with none of it for sale), Stanford appears to be deliberately empty. It is dominated by the only build that dates from 2003, sprawling its gorgeous way down a ridge extending south from Stanford Mountain.

“Hands Across the Pond”, the residence of Annie Butler, built on commission by Juro Kothari in October/November 2003 in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, and furnished accordingly.

I am an unabashed fanboi of Wright’s work (and others of that period), and I don’t mind admitting I’ve become a fan of Juro’s, too.

Shortly after Ms Butler’s home was completed — some time during December of 2003 — Second Life underwent its first expansion.  Four regions were added to The Original 16, and this series will continue with another survivor of Linden World: the Governor’s Mansion in Clementina.



One response to “Seconderth (a deep map) : Stanford

  1. Please consider taking another aerial screenshot of Stanford bordering Hawthorne. Those large flat rectangular chunks of barren land were parcels that were for sale at the time–they have since been purchased. The new owners have displayed an interest in land shaping rather than landscaping. There are still few trees or buildings but the overall look has improved greatly.

    Disclosure: I'm one of the new land owners. Mine is a relatively small parcel.

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