Seconderth (a deep map) : Clementina

Clementina — to SL history buffs (I’m not the only one, after all), it means one thing over all others: the Governor’s Mansion.  Built in Linden World by Steller Sunshine as a residence for herself; the majority of prims display creation dates in July 2002, and I have deemed it the Fifth Oldest surviving object in Second Life.

It’s not really a mansion; it’s a villa, with living quarters at one end, recreation rooms in a separate structure at the other, and a swimming pool in the middle.  There is no governor, either: “Governor Linden” is a placeholder, the owner-of-record of Protected Land.  Despite the non-existence of the Governor, the Mansion has been the site of symbolic protest by Residents against policy changes; you can find snapshots of one such (May 30, 2006, regarding stipends) in the Clementina collection at Snapzilla.

The complex is — rightly — a museum piece, preserving a sense of what was possible (at least architecturally) in the very earliest version of the software we call Second Life… and a benchmark with which to compare all that has come after. It also houses a museum of sorts, in the basement.  There are two ways to get there: the original is through a hole in the deep end of the pool; stairs from inside the living quarters were added later.  The basement contains a scattering of objects and photographs from 2002 and 2003, all of which need to be Inspected to learn any more about them; that is, there are no informational placards or notecard dispensers… in fact, a couple of the displayed artifacts were once notecard-givers.  No longer.

For instance: I would like to have learned more about the “Teleport Tour” (object at left, above).   Next to that is a time capsule placed beneath the ground layer on Opening Day (June 23, 2003); more about that can be read at the SL Wikia’s entry “First Birthday Event“.

Outside on the grounds are two monuments:

The first is a reproduction (by Khamon Fate, Dec. ’04) of a “thank you” which Philip Linden created (misspelling and all) just before Opening Day, from the Lab to the Beta Residents.  The second is a reciprocal thanks from the Residents to the Lab; on its reverse face, it lists the Lindens of that day.  Older folks than I may be able to confirm if any if them besides “Hacker Philip” are still Lindens… I get the feeling none are, though a handful may have survived up until the June 2010 Earthquake.

There are many more photos taken in and around the Mansion in the Clementina section of my online album.  There are also other spots of historical note in the region, such as this little abstract garden, close to the center of the sim:

It belongs to Fallingwater Cellardoor; the objects in it were created in October and November, 2003.  In the parcel directly to the north was this trailer (and a vendor from which you could buy one, plus other styles):

Built by CaboWabo Song (mostly in 2004 and 2005, but it contained older pieces)  Between April, when the above was taken, and July, the trailer and vendor were removed… but the parcel remains Cabo’s, protected by virtue of his being a Charter Member, as is his partner MadameThespian Underhill, who has a large parcel on the opposite side of Fallingwater’s garden.



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