Seconderth (a deep map) : Perry

The entry for Perry in the Second Life Wikia consists entirely of these two paragraphs:

Perry was formerly home to, in 1.0 and 1.1, Devlin Gallant’s mansion, a “honey store” and a marina, as well as an old Linden-controlled educational event area.

As of SL 1.4, and continuing into 1.7, most (about 95%) of Perry has been annexed to Luskwood, maintained by the Luskwood group and forming “Luskwood East”, used for events such as Zendo and the Artist Ambush. Together with Lusk, Luskwood’s size now exceeds 90 square kilometers [sic].

It is a peculiarity of the Wikia’s older entries to speak of periods of time in terms of which version of Second Life was current, rather than a calendar date; in fact, even their Timeline page (which only lists up to 1.10) rarely mentions release dates, for which you must click to the entry for that Release. Translating “1.0 and 1.1” yields June 23 (Opening Day) through December 21, 2003; “1.4” = June 15, 2004; “1.7” = October 21, 2005.

In any event, nothing remains in Perry from when it first appeared on the World Map while SL was still in closed beta — not even its original coastline, which might have supported a marina (I don’t want to speculate what was meant by “honey store”…) And, since Snapzilla didn’t come into existence until 2005, no verifiable older photos are available, either. Rather, Perry has become a repository of early Luskwood artifacts, some still used, many not; while they should technically be outside the scope of this survey, as its author, I can stretch my own rules.

This curiosity, for instance:

Created by Liam Roark in February 2005, it turns a simple map of what then was Luskwood’s territory in Lusk and Perry into a fanciful war game situation map.  By comparison, here’s a screenshot of the interactive map of Luskwood maintained at the Big Tree, as of March 2010:

That’s approximately 3 sims’ worth of holdings, spread over 4 (not counting the Linden land, which may as well be Luskwood’s with regard to who looks after it), nearly 200,000 m2 (0.2 km2 — I think the author of the Wikia entry slipped a decimal place or two)

Down in the southwest corner (lower left in the overview), you’ll find the Playground:

Another of Liam Roarke’s many contributions to the Luskwood infrastructure (June 2004).  Beyond it lies the blockhouse which serves as the “server hub” for Luskwood Creatures Collective, the furry avatar consortium (IMHO, one of the best on the grid, as well as the longest in continuous existence).  It was built by Michi Lumin in August 2004, and houses server racks and associated equipment by Arito Cotton, built at the same time.

Oddly, the build in Perry most significant to Luskwood’s history has only been in Perry for less than six months: Pub Giant Eltee Head.

Bearing a likeness of eltee Statoski (one of Luskwood’s four co-founders), created in March 2005 by Arito Cotton (another founder, along with Michi and Liam, see above and the Lusk entry of this blog), this Tudor-style venue replaced an earlier version, and was built in Lusk by eltee in May 2005.  It remained there through the spring of this year, when it was relocated to Perry.

There used to be a stable (for the equine furries, I suppose) up in the northeast corner – there’s a photo or two featuring it at Snapzilla. And, as always, there’s more in my online album.



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