Milepost 5000

16 September 2009, this blog first appeared, with three posts copied over from a “network”.

24 January 2010, not long after I ripped into United Nations Citizen, it received its 1000th visit.

2 April 2010, in the midst of the fracas over Second Life’s preemptive Terms of Service, came Visitor #2000. Because she left a comment, I know who that was — thank you, Brinda!

3 June 2010, just before I began the Seconderth series, someone from England Googled “second life viewer 2 gui” and a blog I had written in February made the cut, resulting in Visit #3000.

7 July 2010, a Googlebot dropped by, took 8 seconds to read this BBBC post from June…. voila! Visit #4000

Yesterday evening, 7 August 2010, Marianne McCann became Visitor #5000 by reading and commenting on the Seconderth post about Oak Grove.

I still get the occasional hit from people searching “pregnancy in Second Life” and “ThugLyfe”, of all things… Lemme tell you folks, whoever you are: Both topics are equally stupid; both posts are going to be a year old soon, and are not my best work, by a long haul.

Anyway… thank you, whoever you have been — bots, search engines, aggregators, the casual curious — but above all others, the people who have become loyal readers, whose comments have stimulated asynchronous conversations across this blog and theirs… who have made me smile and, most importantly, made me think.

You are not merely my audience; you are my friends.


5 responses to “Milepost 5000

  1. 5000 visits in under a year???? Dang,I seriously need to up my game!!

    In all seriousness, many congratulations. It is a hell of an achievement. You should be really proud.

    I'm calling visitor 6000 in September!!!!!!!

  2. See now, that's exactly what I'm talking about :)

    Thanks, Alex! (one of my newest friends in the 'Verse, by which I mean both the Metaverse and the Blogoverse)

    Easy call, though… it's been 1000/month for the last two. That one of yours was 5029 :)

  3. Lalo..your easy. (I know…you didn't think you'ed ever hear that did you?)
    I read a lot of what's printed on these virtual pages….I pay attention to a few of you =^..^=

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