Rebirth of a Nation

I’ve been well and truly scoopedtwice! — on the way to this post… but hey, that’s no reason to not publicly and pictorially welcome LittleBlackDuck Lindsay’s Victorian reconstructions to InWorldz.

Back on the 25th of March, I had the sad task of reporting the withdrawal of the 9-region Nation of Victoriana (along with its 4 adjacent open-water sims) from the Second Life grid. The ultimate reason: extremely poor customer service in exchange for ridiculous prices. Sound familiar?

No matter… This is about new beginnings, not another rehash of old problems. Mayor Lindsay (or “Ducky” as I have seen him called in the forum — we have yet to meet for me to take such liberty) was able to export his builds and his regions’ RAW files; his unique, architecturally accurate textures were, I’m sure, already safe on his hard drive. It is the good fortune of InWorldz that he chose that grid upon which to reappear and rebuild.

Pay in mind as you look through these photos that these are not mere “Victorian revival” fancies. The major buildings — and some of the minor ones, like the train stations — have physical counterparts in the soi-disant real world. The Pavilion contains, as it did in SL, an exhibit of photos of the real buildings standing next those of their virtual counterparts. It is as eloquent a tribute as one could hope for to the work and love that went into the making. Photos of some of those exhibits (along with all of those presented below) are in my online collection, taken in SL in March but reproduced so accurately in InWorldz that there was no reason to re-record them.

Town Square
Pavilion Station
The Pavilion, with the Alp in the distance
Alpine cog train
A courtyard of tiny homes

Victoriana’s website is back online as well, where you can see and learn more, including a well-written primer on InWorldz.

I’m looking forward to the time I can stand His Honor the Mayor to a congratulatory pint at The Salty Squirrel.



2 responses to “Rebirth of a Nation

  1. Yes Lalo..I remember we met there in March on the last day.
    I'm so glad that kind of talent has found a home.
    It's a measure of the diaspora that soror has spoken of…the seeding of talent across the metaverse.

  2. Nah..I only scooped you once. Having read the above and the excellent pictures you posted, I pulled my entry so that the better man and better entry gets the glory! :-) (truth to tell, mine was a rush job after an evening out for Pizza and watching Toy Story 3!)

    Anyway, I know logically new Victoriana is a duplicate of the old one, but to my eyes it looks better than ever. Getting sentimental in my old age I guess…

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