I forget now which evening it was (Wednesday?), or even what got it started (#emeraldgate?), but somehow Toxic Menges concocted the idea for a party for SL Twitter-ers; a.k.a. a Tweetup. Skate Foss volunteered her gorgeous tropical island sim, Matanzas, and it took very little time for a consensus to decide that 11 am SLT, Sunday, would accommodate all of the necessary timezones.

Five hours (the sun set twice) and four DJs later, the party was still happening when I logged and started editing photos. Without further ado:

Our host Skate, and Nat Merit

The Instigator, Toxic

Indigo Mertel

Katherine Berry

Suella Ember (as “the Twitterwhore”)

Kristine Kristan and Ghosty Kips

(l – r) Dawny Daviau and KirstenLee Cinquetti

Fiona Haworth and SecondLie (Scribe)

Phaylen Fairchild

RacerX Gullwing and Snowy Hoobinoo

Grace McDunnough

(l-r) Toxic, Botgirl Questi, Gianna Borgnine, Weekon Thursday

The Bagheads (l-r: SecondLie, HUGSaLOT Valkyrie, Chantal Harvey)

Many thanks to the DJs for the tunes: Electric Monday, Oliver Szondi, Ghosty Kips and Imdy Paine — and again to Toxic for the inspiration and Skate for the wonderful venue!  And to everyone who showed up: it was great to meet and gab with no 140-character limit  :)

[if I missed anyone’s Twitter link, please add it in the comments]


6 responses to “#sltweetup!

  1. I totally forgot to take pics! It was great meeting you finally Lalo! It was all so much fun (we had a lot to talk about, granted). Lovely evening!

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