Seconderth (a deep map) : De Haro

Welcome to the Camp!  I guess you all know why we’re here… 

Simultaneously with Boardman, De Haro was created as another managed community, but with an entirely different style: that of an American “campground” typical of the first couple of decades post-WWII.  If you’re my age (give or take 10 years), your family may even have rented a cabin for a week or two in a place that looked like this… or bought a family-sized tent, sleeping bags, and kerosene-fueled appliances from Coleman, stuffed it all in the back of the station wagon, and trekked into the countryside for a few days of “roughing it”.

Campgrounds in the “real” world are, of course, meant for transient occupation.  The kind I’m speaking of — which, in their original form, still augment rural economies with tourist dollars — became the seeds from which motels grew, when moved from the woods to the highways.  De Haro, on the other hand, was and still is a picturesque setting intended for permanent residence.

…and it has its share of those. Most prominent among them are four names, two of which might be familiar to readers of previous entries of this series: Ingrid Ingersoll, Teeny Leviathan, Cathy Curie and Tatanya Dawn.


Teeny’s “Undisclosed Location”

Both of those homes-away-from-home are “Linden freebies” in the original spirit of De Haro.  Ingrid’s cabin was created by Bill Linden in January 2003, in the shades of green and yellow which were Second Life’s logotype colors during beta (you can get one for yourself at Park’s Fireworks in Taber).  Teeny’s tent was created by Ryan Linden, May 5-6, 2003, specifically for the opening of De Haro, and you can get one here:

There are three of these kiosks, one at each of De Haro’s “entrances” (there is no north entrance from the adjoining region).  The one depicted, at the south, facing Varney, is the most complete — the other two are missing either the tent or the “I am…” sign.  The kiosks themselves are also by Ryan Linden (May 6, 2003).

This cabin is also available at those “Supply Store” kiosks… and, by way of a technicality, and a precedent set by Philip’s Beachball, it’s the oldest build in De Haro: created by Bill Linden during the second week of October, 2002.  However, you don’t need the kiosk to get one — next chance you get, look in your Inventory.  Library > Objects > Household.

As always, there’s more to be seen in my online album… but we’ll finish with this:

You may recall, there’s one of these in Morris, too.  This one has been restored even more faithfully: it has the barrel full of bows and arrows, which the Morris copy is missing.  However… it’s on private land, and the owner has — mistakenly, I’m sure — set the parcel to “no scripts”, so it doesn’t work.  Looks real nice, though.



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