Seconderth (a deep map) : Immaculate

Compared to the intentionally planned communities of Boardman and De Haro, and the village into which Harald and Joan Nomad transformed Kissling, Immaculate seems almost an afterthought.  Without its four distinctive landmarks, it looks just like its older neighbors — Da Boom, Ritch, Zoe — precisely because it was not planned.  It also appears to have spent the years since its first appearance on the Grid (early June, 2003) in obscurity.  Searching the official Second Life Wiki returns no hits at all. There is an entry in the SL Wikia (a.k.a. “the history wiki”):

Held the Neo Tokyo project, run by the Noise Tanks, led by Rygar Grimm.

That’s all. No links to further information, and looking up Rygar Grimm’s profile or the Noise Tanks’ group information on the SL website search doesn’t get far, either.

While the distinctive builds in Immaculate have not been there since the very beginning, they’re not that much younger…

[Photo credit: Chromal Brodsky; 2nd Look Image gallery; 3/29/04]

Spot the Dragon has been guarding his creator’s land since forestrock Flower first built him, in January, 2004.  The tower he guards is older still: November 2003.  Spot’s next-door neighbor is a game space:

“Medieval Crusade”: invented, scripted and built by Tedd Tigereye, beginning in January 2004.  One of forestrock’s profile Picks is labeled “Tedds Land”, and notes “The only place you can play Simon Says and be accosted by fire beetles at the same time.”

(… and I thought fire ants were bad news!)

forestrock has another piece of Immaculate.  You can’t miss it — it’s the 500-meter black tower.  In pure “not possible in RL” fashion, it’s not anchored to a massive concrete foundation; instead, it sits on a wooden pier that can’t be more than a half-meter thick.   Here’s what things look like from the top (draw set to 1024, cloud rendering disabled):

Last, but maybe most significant for a surprising reason, is Tainted Steel:

A personal note, first: when I was still more-or-less a noob, I found this place while exploring and had a look inside.  Among the images arranged around the walls were copies of the June 2003 map of SL — my first inkling of anything like an early history of the Grid, and the inspiration for what eventually became this series.

The build itself was almost entirely assembled (by its owner, Ash Rose)  from megaprims created by others, mostly in 2006-7, so an absolute age is impossible to determine.  Now, here’s the surprise:

The very top of the tower was assembled by Ash two days after she joined Second Life… and it contains items rezzed by Steller Sunshine on the precise same date as the oldest prims in the Governor’s Mansion!  Those five prims labeled “New Object” tie, with the Mansion itself, for 5th Oldest in SL.

(Which means I’m going to have to update the “SL 8.25 B” entry, again!  But hey… that’s what this project is all about.)

I’m led to think that Ash Rose was not a prodigal noob who absorbed building skills in two days, but rather, someone who had been in beta under a different account, and probably a friend of Steller.

We have, incidentally, come to the end of “The San Francisco Sims” — from Natoma through Immaculate, 31 in all, named for streets and alleys in the neighborhood of Linden Lab’s original headquarters. Sixteen more remain to be explored: 14 bear the names of colors, one is named for the roleplay area for which it was created, and the last one honors the godfather of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction. So it’s doubly appropriate to end with the map that I first saw in Immaculate and began all this; dated June 19, 2003 — four days before what SL now celebrates as its Birthday.



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