Catching up

Another “loose end” post; they happen, from time to time. But, I’m at another convenient rest-stop on the Seconderth blue highway (winks at Iggy O). Well, actually, Tan will be next. Blue won’t be posted for a little while, but when it is, it might turn out to be the longest post of the whole series. Folks who remember Americana will know why.


Emerald: (yeah, had to say it, one last time). All the drama is over — I hope! — and I deliberately did not jump into the fray, except for some snarky potshots I took in Twitter. I could go into a long rendition of why I adopted it, why I stuck with it for as long as I did, and why I eventually dumped it in favor of Imprudence. Macht’s nichts.

“Show’s over, folks; nothing to see here, move along now…”

No… wait! This just in (while I was writing down the page a ways): Some of the ex-Emerald team (including the trustworthy LordGregGreg Back), and some others, have started up what they claim is a “clean” fork of Emerald code, and are — predictably — calling it Phoenix.

I wonder where the former Qarl and Data Linden have been in all of this, and why they haven’t said another word after announcing they’d joined Emerald, just before the terminal shit hit the fan.

~yawn~ Next!


Display Names: Sorry, folks, but I just can’t seem to work up a sweat about this one. I get the whole “fear of impersonation” thing, and I voted for JIRA SVC-6194 that, if adopted, would prevent display names from duplicating existing user names… but I doubt it’ll be adopted. When the Lab gets a plan in its head, it can make pit bulls look amenable to persuasion, by comparison.

Personally, I’m not at all concerned about being impersonated. Alisa jokes that I’m “famous” — that is, I think she’s joking ;) — but seriously, what could anyone gain by trying to pass themselves off as Lalo Telling, except maybe some rotten tomatoes? Besides which, I spend almost no time in SL any more, unless I’m popping in for detailed follow-up in a sim for “Seconderth”. And aren’t Display Names exclusively a feature of Viewer 2? If so, I’ll be missing them completely.


Transworld Notes: You see, there’s an advantage to taking some of your eggs out of that one basket and putting them in others. My reputation, such as it is, is no longer tied exclusively to SL. There’s this blog, first of all — nobody can impersonate me here. Same with InWorldz… where maybe I’ve found a calling. I build Godhouses. (OK, it’s only my second one; even so…)

In spite of the huge admiration I have for artists who do things that are not possible in the physical world, my brain’s just not wired that way. Or maybe a career spent in the architectural branch of engineering is responsible for tweaking those synapses… whatever. I’m coming to love the challenge of reproduction; give me a photo and say “make it look like that,” and I’m on it.

I’ll let you know when that’s done and I’m ready for a new commission ;)

There’s another basket I’ve had some reputational eggs in, so to speak, which I haven’t directly mentioned in this blog before, even though there’s a link in the sidebar: TQR: Total Quality Reading (I was a Transworlder before I ever heard of virtual worlds, let alone joined one). It’s a tri-quarterly lit ‘zine with a twist or three; the most important being, if your submission survives the initial reading, the second level of readers (I’m one) posts a review on the site, so you know why it does or doesn’t make it past them. No other publication like it does that. If you’ve ever submitted writing anywhere, you know: you wait to get an acceptance or rejection form-letter, and rarely do the rejections say any more than “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Mind you, even though the posts are public, they’re done behind a screen of pseudonymity. (You think virtual worlds are the only venue for drama? Try dealing with a rejected thin-skinned neophyte writer!) As a beneficial side-effect, that’s enabled me to consolidate disparate identities so that Lalo Telling is who he is, everywhere he is… I am. I’ve even worked being a SL/InWordz avatar into the backstory over there, treating the TQR environment as yet another VW I fell into during a failed teleport.

The reason I’m bringing it up here now (beside the opportunity to plug)? The guy who owns and runs it is entertaining the notion of starting up a Facebook page for it. Recall, if you will, that pseudonymity is a technical violation of FB’s Terms of Service… because their underlying purpose is to serve as a source of data for aggregators like EquiFax, for “targeted advertising”.

You all know where I stand on this issue; I’m not even going to link to my previous rants about it. My own ethical dilemma right now is: Do I stand firm on principle and disallow my name, image and work on TQR itself to be re-published on FB, even if the re-publisher is the guy I work for? Advice is solicited…


Mileposts, again: This is post #96 on this blog — I just might hit 100 by thirteen days from today (September 16), which will be the first anniversary of my first post. Last night, at 5:48 my time, Visitor #6000 dropped by.




6 responses to “Catching up

  1. i feel the same about impersonitation – what can you do about it? not much – so why worry

    i like your God houses, nicely done =)

    never used emerald – i was never concerned with who was looking at me and what they were staring at or bouncy boobs – the tow most compelling points to use it as told to me by others

    and nice on being in other virtual worlds, might as well snag an OSGrid account i imagine =)

  2. @Ener : Thanks! And if you meant me snagging an OSGrid account, I've got one. There was a “Lalo Land” region on it for a while, self-hosted on my desktop. Could be again someday, ya never know… but next time (if there is one) I'll use the Diva distro so I can hyperport.

    @Alex: If you'd like, I'll try to give you a heads-up as 7000 gets close, so you can nab it. ;)

  3. Lalo, I hope you are walking down that Blue Highway in SL. Don't try driving these days :)

    As for Display Names, they are great for one thing: educators who use shared accounts for students. Now our actors using the Roderick Usher avatar can have the name show as “Roderick Usher.”

    That's very cool.

  4. @Iggy: Yeah, saw your post this morning. “Mini Me” looks like fun, when the roads cooperate.

    And yes, I also see the advantages Display Names bring to RP'ers in general, and actors in particular… oh, and I suppose to the few RL businesses that might still be in SL. They're roleplaying, too. ;)

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