Tree of Trees

soror Nishi’s latest work, “Tree of Trees”, opened today in the region called “IBM Exhibit C”.  If you are not already a fan, you’re likely to become one after exploring this masterwork, which is a grand summation of all she’s done in the last three years.

Use the World Map to get there — I did — it has a landing point, where you find yourself inside this:

… about which she says in her recent blog: around 300 meters I have rezzed a little home. It is a sample of the type of building I would imagine avatars inhabiting rather than poor copies of RL houses.

[I, myself, am a maker of “copies of RL houses”, but I don’t begrudge soror her opinon… I merely envy her imagination and creativity :) ]

It is suggested that you set your view to Midnight, and that’s always best with soror’s luminescent work… but if you are using a viewer that includes a library of Windlight presets, by all means experiment! (For example: the top photo, and this next one, used a preset called “outdoor city – weird lights”)

That is the top of the Tree of Trees.

You may also want to experiment with turning clouds off (Advanced > Rendering > Types > Clouds) for part of the time.  soror has built the Tree in a way to make use of the default clouds for atmosphere (pun intended),  but sometimes it’s just easier to see with one less source of alpha-on-alpha flare.

A detail from around the middle of the trunk (regular daylight).

The crown of the Tree, from below (using “Coastal Afternoon”, clouds off).

And here’s the artist herself, looking very much like… well, an avatar.  Of the Hindu variety, which is where the word comes from:

Hare soror!


4 responses to “Tree of Trees

  1. yay. yes it's truly magnificent. what you don't see in the marvelous pics above, is the view at ground level, which is every bit as magnificent — with irises and water lillies all about, in a watery bog that you can walk around and through.

  2. haha…Lalo…you just saved me from writing about all this! {I think =^..^= }
    It was a truly magnificent thing…I'm so glad I went.
    I was wondering how to mention all of who was who that was present and had decided that it wouldn't be good/wise to leave anyone out. So, present were soror, Lalo, Wizzy, Me, and a host of others!!!

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