Commission Accomplished

Last night, I delivered the second part of my first commission as a custom builder: the megachurch.  When I posted about it three weeks ago, all I had to go on was a footprint size (60 meters square), and a photograph of a front elevation of some anonymous church somewhere in the US (do megachurches exist anywhere outside the States?)

A bit more than a week later, I had the basics:

That was about the time when Pastor Dan gave me a photo of what he wanted the inside to look like:

I was able to use that information in the upper right corner to trace its ultimate origin, the Roswell (Georgia) United Methodist Church — which happens to have an octagonal floor plan.  Compromise time: rectangular front, half-octagon back:

Skipping ahead a little, here’s a shot of the completed rear elevation:

Not an easy proposition, getting that roof to work…

Fortunately, Dan said I only needed to allow space for one row of choir — but he did want the organ pipes.  Since I had no acoustics to consider, those were actually fairly easy:  make one, duplicate it, shrink a copy and duplicate that, shrink another copy still smaller and duplicate that, then stretch the upper tubes into a pattern:

450 prims, just for the organ.

Finished interior elevations.  The pews are rebuilt from the ones I made for the synagogue, with sit targets built in.  Dan wanted four rows, so he ended up with seating capacity for 112 avatars just on the main floor, and another 72 in the balcony.  Dan also provided the textures for the stained glass, and that’s his logo on the big screens.

So… it was finally all done yesterday afternoon, and I IM’d Dan to come make a final inspection.  He said, “Just pack it up, bring it over, and rez it in place,” which was actually going to be easier for me than trying to explain to him how to rez it, because I wanted to leave the furniture and the doors unlinked from the building, so they could easily be moved, modded, and duplicated if ever necessary.  I rezzed a reference prim, shift-selected everything I wanted to stay “loose”, and chose Take from the pie menu while selected.  It came to almost 500 prims, in 42 linksets.

Deep breath… then shift-drag select the building itself, making the main piece of floor the root; 1001 prims all together (including the organ).  Another deep breath, click the “Link” button… and it froze in mid-link.  And I crashed.  And I couldn’t get back in until Alisa restarted the sim to get the church to stop trying to link up.  Turns out, it had linked itself into two sections.  Once I was back, we debated, “Take it as two, or try linking them together?”  We decided, “may as well try to link them — we know what to do if it fails again.”  And that’s what we had to do — it crashed me again.  Another sim restart later, and it actually was all one linkset of 1001 prims.

One more deep breath… right-click select, Take.  Poof!  Without a second’s delay, right into my Inventory.  ~whew!~  Off to Dan’s sim, and lo and behold, it rezzed when I dragged it out with no more difficulty than creating a single block.  Then I dragged the furniture bundle out and got it located while still grouped so that I only had some very minor tweaking to do for the doors.

There it is, on-site, nestled among the houses that Alisa and I built for part 1 of the commission (hers are the pale green ones) and some builds that Dan put up, including the temporary church which mine replaces.

If you want to see it in person, use the InWorldz World Map to find the region called “Church of the Living God”.

I have no idea how much time I actually spent building it — it certainly wasn’t every day of the three weeks, let alone a consistent number of hours on the days I did work on it.  My fee was I’z 10,000 = USD 20.00, which works out to 1-1/3 cents per prim.

It was my choice to build it at home, rather than in-place, and transport it when done; that way, I wouldn’t be interrupted, except by Alisa, by whom I very much wanted to be interrupted  :)  I did learn one major lesson, though: next time I build this big, I’ll link it in sections.

I’m ready for my next commission  ;)  IM me in InWorldz, or send a Tweet.

By the way… yesterday, 16 Sept 2010, was the first anniversary of my first post — this blog’s Rezday, if you will. Two days prior to that, I posted Number 100.


8 responses to “Commission Accomplished

  1. Brilliant, congratulations.
    It looks great in its setting.
    You are lucky to be building in IWz where a 1001 linkset is possible, in SL “rezz Faux” can be a royal pig to use at times.
    The guy got a real bargain, but that is not the point, it's just such a buzz to have made something useful and valued by another person.

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