Seconderth (a deep map) : Gray

On the World Map from June 19 2003 , there are ten “pushpin” icons denoting themed community projects.  We’ve already seen four: Lindenberg (Tehama), Wild West Town (Oak Grove), Venice (Bonifacio), and Yamato/Shangri-La (Dore).   Two have vanished; one is in fragments; one retains the buildings in more-or-less good shape.  None retain any sense of community.  Of the four in the Color Sims, only Kazenojin survives — and it is also the only one of the ten which has maintained any continuity of purpose, let alone use, in the years since its founding.

Because of that, and the diligence and care taken by its inheritors, Kazenojin is also the only community project — and the only region of the 47 original sims on the Grid — to have kept an independent history.  I am grateful to Huns Valen for answering a query posed to him at SLUniverse, by which he pointed me to the Kazenojin website’s history page.  I suggest you stop reading this blog for long enough to click on that link (which should open a new tab), read that, and then come back.

Are you back now?  Cool… because there’s lots to see, beginning with the main deck.  The airship permanently docked there (see above) was built by James Argonaut in June, 2003.

That photo of Kazenojin’s (and Gray’s) earliest days is displayed on a billboard by Nergal Fallingbridge (who I assume also took the original snapshot), September 2003.  Nergal also created this representation of a Spitfire, titled “High Flight” after the famous aviator’s poem, in mid-August 2003.

Back on the main deck, right next to the billboard, is a certified antique notecard giver (November 2002, by Philip Linden), which hands you this card from August, 2003:

Behind it in that photo is “The Finish Line” lounge — here’s a look from outside the observation window:

“SLU” on that sign does not refer to the SLUniverse forum, but to “SL University”, about which Huns wrote:

Ananda Sandgrain, Xylor Baysklef, Satai Diaz, and others started up several side projects late in 2003. Second Life University was a project to set up class areas where tutorials and other lectures could be given. To this end, the SLU building was built by Ananda and Xylor in southwest Gray. It survived for about a year.

Photo credit: unknown; 2nd Look Image Gallery, 2 April 2004

Above that land (which the Baysklef’s still own), on the south side of the cliff, is this seated Buddha, by Ironchef Cook, July 2003:

And around on the west side, you can find this hypnotically kinetic sculpture by Huns Valen himself (September, 2003):

There’s more in the Gray section of my online album… and three views of earlier incarnations of the Kazenojin complex in ’05 and ’06, at Snapzilla, by Bino Arbuckle, Shack Dougall, and Salazar Jack, respectively.


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