Seconderth (a deep map) : Sage


OK, move along, folks….  Nothing to see here.

No – seriously.  There’s not a prim to be found in all of Sage any older than 2005, nor any archived photographic evidence of the themed community “Little Tokyo” that was pinned to this square on the June ’03 map.

You don’t have to read far in either the official Second Life forum (or whatever that thing is), or in SLUniverse, before you find someone characterizing “Mainland” as fragmented, poorly-constructed and ugly.  As we have seen, that’s not true of every mainland sim, but Sage sure comes close.  The worst offender is obvious from the photo above — and what you find in the interior of Gordon’s is, if anything, worse than the exterior.

To be fair, there are some bright spots amid the blight – and one tiny piece of history, if you can call it that:

The teapot on the left is owned by Stillpink Sandgrain, who is mentioned in the SL Wikia’s entry on Sage as one of the original residents.

This, however, seems to sum up the current state of Second Life:


The real question is, “Why would you want to?”  (and not only because this particular piece is ridiculously priced at L$ 67,000, or L$ 9.8/sq m)



2 responses to “Seconderth (a deep map) : Sage

  1. Remember Lalo, when we came…mainland was going for 9.8/10 L$ a meter. (according to Jack Linden, “There will always be a mainland”…but sometimes I wonder

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