Space to Grow

My partner Alisa and I are, frankly, obsessed with building. Though we have other aspects in common (age; musical tastes; we’re both single and we’re both smartasses), building is what really brought us together after first meeting at Industrial Dreamz in SL almost five months ago. The prospect of building without limits to either size or number of prims, added to a fledgling market in which our work might actually get noticed, is what brought us to InWorldz. Well, OK… U$D 75/month for a full island sim didn’t hurt, either.

We’ve been there since the summer solstice. We began by putting a 100 x 100 meter platform in the sky and importing what she’d built in SL before meeting me, plus the Tudor-style series we’d built over there together. And started advertising…

…and kept building, of course. The 100-meter-square platform was quickly stretched to 150 x 150. We kept building. In August, we copied the first platform 100 meters farther up and added teleports between them.

Guess what? The second floor is almost full, too.

And we’re still building; it’s what we do, like the Doozers down in Fraggle Rock.  Oh yes, we sell one occasionally, too — the Hallowe’en Hunt has been good for traffic — but that doesn’t reduce the need for display space.  We’ve also been putting things up on the sales floors as they’re finished, with no thought to organizing by whether it’s commercial, residential, or accessory.

We’ve been kicking around the idea of rearranging by category, but with the Hunt ongoing until November 1, it wasn’t something we could get to right away… by which time, a third sales floor was going to be inevitable.  I put on my thinking cap, and decided that we wanted something more than a sign to inform our visitors that “there’s more above you.”

My background is in architectural engineering.  I’ve been using computers to draw since 1982.  I knew it would be a lot easier to show Alisa my idea than to try to explain it, so I whipped up some “sketches”:

Before and After, at 1:100 scale, with the sim at bottom and the airspace projected upward. Alisa added the idea of a separate, smaller platform for a “reception” area, where the landmark will eventually bring you.  With her addition and approval, I went up to 750 meters and got to work.

Approximately fours hours later, tweaking and texturing done.   67,550 square meters of display space, not counting the connector ramps — yes, we will have teleports, too! — that’s 2014 m2 more than a sim, with plenty of capacity to add a fourth floor whenever needed.

Now here’s the best part, what I call “NPISL”:

[a] the floors are each a single prim, as are the guardrails along each edge, the ramps, their railings, etc.;
[b] consequently, there are only 70 prims in it;
[c] the volume occupied by the build is 256 x 256 x 150;
[d] it’s a linkset!

Went together as easily as if the farthest pieces were 15 meters apart, not 150, even though the reception platform at the bottom is the root, for ease of placement when the time comes to move it down to 600.


Want one?  IM me in InWorldz.  You can have one for free: copy/mod, no transfer.


5 responses to “Space to Grow

  1. Okay that just made me chuckle with delight. Not only is that most excellent, but I think you should consider NPISL™ to be trademarked. :p

    I think any ONE of those NPISL items is enough to make SL builders totally envious, but when you put them all together, it might be too much for them to accept that you aren't dreaming.

    And you left out a good part… even if you could do all this in SL, you couldn't really populate it without running out of prims. In InWorldz, you have enough prims to stack *multiple* full SL regions vertically.

  2. Thank you, Jim… for the compliments, and for the work you and the Founders do to improve the code that makes “NPISL” possible in InWorldz.

    As of last night, with all the builds on display in the sky (I've remarked to Alisa more than once that our present sales floors resemble small towns) plus Alisa's gorgeous landscaping work on the ground (and a contribution of mine here and there), we had nearly 11,000 prims rezzed on the sim: still less than 1/3 of the total allotment.

    Drop in for a visit, any time.

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