Space to Grow 2

Alisa commented on the last one (see below): “I can hardly wait to get moved in.”

So we didn’t wait.  It took most of Wednesday to get the buildings located:

Then yesterday it was time for ‘finishing’ touches (Ha ha… we’re builders; you know the tweaking will continue!).  Alisa rezzed up a bunch of trees from her collection, and I threw this light pole together, textured to match the color scheme of railings and platform edges on each level:

Alisa threw down sidewalks and began setting trees, while I followed along behind, playing “Johnny Lampseed”.

And there it is: the new and improved Falconvale Fine Prefabs.  I wonder how long it’ll take us to fill it up and need to add a fourth level…

Falconvale (111, 142, 551)


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