Seconderth (a deep map) : Rose

“… by any other name,” Rose might resemble its cousins among the Original 16, sims like Hawthorne or Stanford: unable to avoid the workings of time and change, a great deal of it empty, yet holding in it a relic or two of its earliest year on the Grid.  In Rose, that would be the parcel in its southeast corner called “Champion Square” (lower right in the photo), owned since Christmas Eve 2003 by Realtime Rogers:

Realtime is also a Retired Admiral of Kazenojin in Gray.  This is his personal holding, which he shares with a friend or two; their stuff is newer, but the real gem in Rose’s rough is this underground lair.  It’s also underwater, of course, but hey… who needs to breathe in SL?

With a few minors repairs excepted, it was all built right around the time he claimed the land: December 2003.  There’s a note of sadness, too — see the round plywood shapes in the upper right background of the photo of Realtime’s profile?  They’re a sort of “back way” in and out of the lair that he added later.  They were rezzed in January 2008, and I guess he hasn’t been back since to texture them.

I always visit every sim I’m covering here at least twice… and, as always, there are changes.  The extreme southeast and northeast corners of Rose belong to Neal Nomad, one of SL’s original boat builders, and are part of his Zen Center (the rest is in Teal, which will be the next installment).  The ridge on the north side held a monastery in Tibetan style, which I did not have the foresight to photograph.  The southern end was once the site of this stupa:

Nestled between Neal’s Zen corners is Vincent Fate’s “Geekland 2.0”, which is set up as an outdoor conference center.  It includes this; from its texture I’ve decided to call it a “mapestry”:

It records the subdivision of Rose as of June, 2004.  Surprisingly, most of the original parcels are the same.

You may have noticed in the overhead shot: Rose is also infested by an outcropping of Gordon’s, the major contributor to the blight of Sage.  This particular eyesore is a “casino” — I’m left to assume that the games found there slip under the bar of Linden-defined legality.  This one (which was there in May but is gone now), probably didn’t, owing to its age… but click-to-enlarge and look who made it:

I rest my case, your honor.



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