Seconderth (a deep map) : Teal

Anyone in Second Life who’s done anything with particles (besides curse their use by amateur griefers still trying to crash sims with them) has Jopsy Pendragon to thank.  Perhaps they’ve even made the pilgrimage to Teal and the Particle Laboratory to learn from the master — more likely, his notecards and full-perm scripts.  I have…

But the Particle Lab is way up in the air above what you see in that photo, and it’s also regularly updated and rebuilt, so… as worthwhile a place as it is to visit and learn in, and for as long as it’s been there in one form or another, it’s not directly “historical” in the sense Seconderth has been trying to capture.  However, other places in the sim are, and they don’t all belong to Jopsy.

This does — Bag End:

A comfy yet colorful hobbit hole, built up against Teal’s western border with Rose in August of 2004.  Some of the interior appointments are older, going back to March of that year.

Next door, to the south, is one of three parcels in the sim not held by Jopsy’s “Tealink” group. Since January 2004, it has belonged to Nergal Fallingbridge (who made the “High Flight” sculpture at Kazenojin).  There’s not much on the land, but this is:

“Torii – water”, created in August 2003.  I wish I knew where the other three elemental torii are (or were).

Tucked into the northeast corner of Teal (behind the castle in the overview photo), is an unnamed parcel belonging to Charter Member Aphrodite Stephanopolous, who joined SL six days before the public Opening, and claimed the land a month later.  The only thing on it, beside some “Linden trees” and flowers out of the Library, is this gazebo:

Built by Gekiganger Kobayashi, mostly on July 24, 2003 (with some later modifications, or perhaps replacements for prim evaporation), and to the best I can determine, the oldest build in Teal.

In the opposite (southwest) corner, just south of Nergal’s torii, is Neal Nomad’s Zen Center:

Neal also is one of Second Life’s original boat-builders, including a freebie from October 2003 that was my first virtual sailing experience.  Up until earlier this month, he still had them for sale at a dock by that waterfall… they’re gone now.

There was an amphitheater on the Teal/Slate border when the Color Sims first rezzed — long gone, of course — where, in those more enlightened days, Philip and other high-end Lindens used to stage Town Hall meetings.  Remarkably, transcripts are preserved; the SL Wikia has them.

Snapzilla has a ton of photos taken in Teal, from 2005 and up, mostly of Jopsy’s particle fireworks displays… and there are more photos by me in my online collection, of other old curiosities to be found (or no longer found).




4 responses to “Seconderth (a deep map) : Teal

  1. Oh, this brings back memories. The Zen Centre was one of the first places in SL to really catch my imagination. There was something about the progression through the building's various rooms and corridors which felt like storytelling rather than just throwing prims together. I'm glad it's still there.

  2. Brinda, thank you! That's one of the best “So what is Second Life?” articles I've ever seen. Stands to reason, it was written in 2007… and your posting the link here helps to preserve it. :)

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