Seconderth (a deep map) : Brown


As Plum and Lime were clones of Ahern and Morris, so Brown and Green began as clones of Boardman and De Haro.  With the exception of Linden-made artifacts copied from one to the other, the similarity ends there.  Whereas Boardman at least looks like a mid-20th-Century suburban village, albeit an abandoned one, Brown more closely resembles a late-20th-Century exurb: a collection of residences with no town center (though it had one in 2006).

Every square meter of Brown that is not protected “Linden land” is now privately owned, including every stall in the Market.

Two groups own the majority of the land between them — Ravenglass Rentals, and these folks, who are very fond of ban lines:

Yes, you’re seeing correctly — they’ve banned entrance to their market stall.  The object being “protected” is a transferrable freebie female avatar kit (shape, skin, hair, eyes) made in 2006 and intended to be handed out to noobs.  What it’s being protected from defies all logic.  Yes, owning land does grant you the right to ban people from it — it apparently also grants you the right to be utter idiots about where and when.

As long as we’re in the Market, I just had to share the irony of this (you’ll probably have to click-to-enlarge):

All right, enough editorializing.  On to the artifacts!

More clones from Boardman, with the addition of a Linden freebie box “sample home” (Bill Linden, May 2003) actually rezzed — on Linden land, so it has remained undisturbed since it first came out of the box.  Can you find the builder’s mistake?

That double-long version isn’t actually still there (the photo was taken during my first visit, in late May; someone else is renting the parcel now).  I’ve never found where to get one, not even at Park’s Fireworks in Taber… and I’ve only seen one other rezzed, in Shipley (well-modded by ramon Kothari).

Although there’s a few more goodies to be seen in my online album, I’ll leave you with this bit of poignancy:

The land belongs to Charter Member Shelley Schlegel (join date: February 20, 2003), and those three items are all that occupy it.  The wheelchair is by Alberto Linden (March 29-30, 2003).  Shelley made the couch (March 27, 2003) and the phone (April 17, 2003).



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