Seconderth (a deep map) : Green


As I mentioned last time, Brown (upper right in the above photo) and Green began as duplicates of, respectively, Boardman and De Haro.  Green was a “camp” sim, but the only remaining resemblance to De Haro is the central pond and the “creeks”, and a solitary freebie supply kiosk at its eastern edge.  There is also a copy of the original cabin still on the sim, but when you consider that the same cabin is still in your Inventory Library (and everyone else’s) eight years later, that doesn’t account for much.

I haven’t found a record of when the camp theme for Green was officially discarded, but it must’ve been right before Groundhog Day (February 2) 2004, because at least four parcels were all claimed that same day and are still held by their original “owners” .

One of those is the site of the Clock Tower, built in April 2004 by its owner, Foenix Pendragon:

Another participant in the Groundhog Day land rush (if it was such) was Chandrah Twilight, who named her parcel “Luna’s Landing”, put up this tree-like build and covered it with birch bark:

On the opposite side of that mountain is land belonging to yet another Feb 2 ’04 alumnus, Alex Valentino, who started building in March of that year, stopped some time in April without finishing… and apparently hasn’t been back in six and a half years, but left Build enabled, so his parcel is cluttered with abandoned prims and miscellaneous junk of all ages.

Around half of Green is owned by Olympia Rebus, who has a lot of whimsical and imaginative builds scattered about her various parcels… as well as some raw prims (cubes and spheres, mostly) which she appears to have rezzed and then forgot they were there.  Among the oldest of her fancies (July 2004) is the Aquagon, a sort of walk-in aquarium:

The SL Wikia entry for Green includes a mention of a group called “Kentucky Fried Engineering”, who reportedly had, at one time, a parody of a famous bucket o’ chicken spinning above their parcel.  Sadly, there’s no archived photo… but KFE still owns the land (look for the giant bathtub), and it happens to contain the second oldest object in Green:

For the Oldest, we have to visit that cabin near the base of the Clock Tower. It belongs to Steve Romulus, the last of the 2/2/04 land rushers to be featured here.  Among the few items inside is this:

Funny how that creator’s name keeps popping up.  It’s enough to make you think that, at some time in the past, he was actually engaged in the world he created…

More photos to be found in my online album, and a lot more at Snapzilla.


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