Seconderth (a deep map) : Mocha

[Yes, mocha is also a color, not just a flavor at Star*ucks]

A sufficiently enlarged copy of the June 19, 2003 World Map shows a pushpin icon stuck into Mocha and labeled “WizWorld”.  According to the SL Wikia, its fate among the themed community experiments was similar to “Native American Village” (which never even got a map icon):

Mocha was supposed to be a themed sim, but it failed rather quickly. WizGamer LeFay was trying to gather a group to set up what would have been the first large-scale theme park in SL with working rides but he was unable to get enough people to buy the land and the project fell apart.

The article goes on to list four significant sites, of which two still exist:

“Happy Mocha”, which is properly the name of the group who own the land… the parcel is named “The Valley of Autumn”.  The house was built in December 2003 by Francis Chung as a home for herself and her partner, Damien Fate.

Nephilaine Protagonist is another member of Happy Mocha; she built that cathedral in April 2004.  The following year, she built this garden called “Ideal World” next to the cathedral:

It’s owned by a group called “Ideal World: The Documentary” — their group charter simply reads “Coming Soon”… since 2005.

The roof you can see part of in the lower right belongs to Primcrafters:

Built in March 2004 by Cienna Rand, who also made the eyeglasses that are sold inside.

Across the creek from there is Aurican Sunchaser’s pyramid (February 2004), which contains references to at least three science fiction movies (2001, Stargate, and The Last Starfighter):

It also contains this, in a level below ground, made by Arito Cotton of Luskwood, in March 2004:

And speaking of Lindens — the employees of the Lab, that is, not the “tokens” (oh, wait… maybe the Labbies are tokens, too; seems that way sometimes)…  Once again, the distinction of Oldest Build goes to one of Bill Linden’s cabins (you can see it in the photo of the pyramid just above).  However, there’s also this, up on a cliff at Mocha’s eastern border:

Also built by Bill Linden, in January 2003.  Not the oldest, by either creation date or when it was first rezzed, but rare — I haven’t seen another like it, even though it must have been a freebie at some time before 2005, which is when the owner of this one claimed the land.



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