Equinox, for Solstice

We have the distinct honor of being one of the invitees to occupy a store in the village of Equinox on the InWorldz region named “Dream e’Scapes”.  They promise a different seasonal build each quarter of the year — right now, it’s a ski resort.

Owned by Talia and Jack Fournier, and built almost entirely by Saera Pfeffer.  I haven’t asked Sae if she did the terraforming, too, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear “yes” as the answer.

It’s anchored by the Lodge, as impressive inside as out:

The rest of the buildings are shops, with two exceptions.  This is Jack and Talia’s home (by Teal Freenote, who makes and sells a full line of these log homes under the name “Wind River”):

I forgot to grab the name of the creator of this gingerbread house:

There’s a ski run — “animations coming soon!” I’m told — and a skating pond with this shelter on the bank, by Julia Hathor (who, in case you don’t already recognize her work, also made all of the trees):

Oh, yes — our store.  I knew there was a reason I was posting this…  ;)

Couldn’t get the full line in there, but there’s a wide selection… and yes, I made some hanukkiot (Hanukkah menorahs), which are free.

If any of my SL friends — who aren’t also InWorldz’ers — would like one, let me know (my IM’s go to email in both worlds), and I’ll import it.

So… come to Equinox!  It’s friendly, it’s gorgeous, it has a great collection of shops, terrific owners, one of the best builders I know in InWorldz… and you could stop by the Falconvale store, too.



7 responses to “Equinox, for Solstice

  1. I'll be there with the hot chocolate and some footie pajamas for Whiskey! Lalo, thank you so much for this lovely blog! We're so glad that you enjoy the sim, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! Yay!

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