Getting a Move On

If only relocating one’s home in physical space was as easy as Take into Inventory, teleport, and re-rezz…

First of all, recall that the successful interview that necessitated this move took place on December 3.  A mere thirteen days later, after intense Internet research into where to live (thank the gods for Google Map!), who to hire to get me there (also Web-based), and a frantic four days of packing, the movers arrived at my place in Texas on the morning of the 16th, put it all in the truck and drove away.

I put a couple of suitcases, my computer equipment, and Mouse (my cat) in the car, and left town a couple of hours later, headed for Kansas City to stay overnight with a friend.

1085 miles
5 state borders
15 hours of driving in two days, not counting stops for fuel and food.
2 nights in a motel around the corner from the new place, hoping my stuff would arrive over that weekend — which it didn’t — bored witless and jonesing for the Internet.

By the way, television is every bit as awful as I remember, if not worse.


Since I already had signed the lease and got the keys to the new apartment, I took Ali’s suggestion, checked out of the motel, dropped my cat off in the empty apartment and made a shopping trip for minimal items to “camp out”: a foam pad, a spare blanket, a coffee maker, some food, a table to put my computer on, and a chair.  Set up the machinery and connected to my new ISP… and to all my friends in SL, InWorldz, and Twitter.

That was last Sunday.  The following morning, I began my new job.  By accident of timing with the pay periods, I even received my first paycheck Thursday, with two days’ worth on it.

Mouse did not take well to the seemingly constant change of scene and the absolute disruption of our old routine.  But,  when the rest of our belongings arrived Tuesday night, she began calming down… except, she still hides under the blankets when she sees I’m getting dressed to go out and leave her alone.

This morning, the day most people in this part of the world call Christmas, I spent the morning “unwrapping presents” — that is, unpacking the lower-priority items — and finished the rough draft of setting up.

You’d think I was done moving, right?  I’d have thought so, too.

After I cancelled my Premium at the beginning of the month and — with some sadness — gave up the land in Tehama, Ali surprised me by renting us a skybox in the region called Nokomis.  No, it’s not by the shores of Gitchigumi… it’s on the continent officially called Satori, a few sims away from the Sculpty Mall.

Then, Crap Mariner posted on his blog that a parcel was about to become open in the Five Islands, a place I’ve wanted to live for a long time… like, since reading his many blogs about it; even more so after learning how many of my friends already had places there.  With a fresh source of real income, some of it actually available for “entertainment”, I decided it was time.

The last couple of days, Ali and I have been building houses in InWorldz to export to our new SL parcel, which I’ve suggested should be called “Lalisalo” (lah-liss-ah-lo).

Hers, on the left, is a completely new design; mine is a rebuild of something I built a couple of months ago.  The hardest part, after six months of the freedom of InWorldz, is remembering “no prims bigger than 10 meters in any dimension!”  Both of them feature lots of windows, since there’s beautiful water views on all four sides.  I think we’re going to rez Ali’s on the new land first.  Mine still needs tweaking… I got a bit carried away, and it’s too big.

A new job and two new homes for the new year… not too shabby.

Late night update: Tweaking accomplished, 3 meters narrower front-to-back, and a meter shorter… proportions are much better now. Here’s two more photos — the second one shows the side of each intended to face west, overlooking the Linden Sea.



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