Milepost 10,000

It had to happen eventually… and it finally did. On January 26, some anonymous person in Souderton, PA (a Bucks County suburb of Philadelphia, as it happens) became Visitor 10,000 to this blog. The hit was generated by a link from Google Images to the overview shot of Perry posted last July, shortly before the 5000th visit.

That dashed line indicates that I forgot to check Sitemeter and missed recording Visits 8000 and 9000 (the graph was generated in LibreOffice and edited in Gimp — long live Open Source!) Easy to see, I’m averaging 1000 visits a month over the last 7, which projects to 15,000 in June.  Not quite as easy to see: this blog isn’t gaining a lot of new readers, but it does have a loyal core following.  Thank you!

In other news…

Spring arrived in the region of Harbour on January 16, and it couldn’t have been too soon.  Of the five of us who call the sim home, three have had more than enough snow in their RL view already.  We need a virtual break from it, if we can’t get a real one!

The snow lasted a little longer in Falconvale, InWorldz… but a little gentle persuading on my part finally worked.

And, speaking of eventualities… The sales floors in the sky above Falconvale now number four:

Each of them, you may recall, is a single prim 150 meters square (22,500 sq m).  That brings the total to 90,000 sq m, which is 37% more area than the sim it floats above. Someone asked what our prim count was, with all that going on up there… it’s around 13,300, still less than a standard island in Second Life, and still less than 1/3 of the allotment in InWorldz.

On the physical/organic side, the new job is great — above and beyond the mere fact that I have a job at all (it does, however, reduce the amount of time I can spend in Avatarian mode; more so, blogging about it). One reason I’m tired of winter already, even after having missed it for five years in Texas, is that I want to get out and explore my new surroundings, and right now it’s a bit chilly here for that.

One other “loose end”: soror Nishi blogged early this morning about the upcoming Firestorm viewer from Phoenix (as did Daniel Voyager, yesterday). I watched the “vidtut” (links in both of those blogs), and was suitably impressed.  At last, someone’s doing what I and many many others said should have been done since Two Point “Oh Shit”, almost a full year ago: make things optional! So, while the folks at Imprudence/Kokua are still spinning their wheels working on polishing their final version of the 1.x, I’m going to be joining the inevitable hundreds (thousands?) who will take Firestorm Preview for a spin once it’s released, some time Monday.

See ya on the Grids :)



3 responses to “Milepost 10,000

  1. Congratulations Lalo!… I missed being able to read you everyday during your recent cross country move. I hope you're finally settling down in your new digs.

  2. Thanks, brinda :)

    Settling down? Yes; nicely, thanks. Available for more than one new blog a week? Sadly, probably not — at least, not consistently. Might be able to sneak in an extra one once in a while, ya never know…

  3. Congrats, Lalo, a brilliant blog to follow. Your Iwz home is looking amazing, so much usable space.

    Yes, I predict there will be tens of thousands of new Firestorm downloads.. it'll be great to take it for a test run in Iwz.
    Look forward to hearing your views on it.

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