Seconderth (a deep map): SS9B

Nine years ago today — March 13, 2002 — someone who was not an employee of the fledgling Linden Lab logged in to “Linden World”, the alpha version of Second Life, and by doing so became The First Resident:

Legend has it (and I see no reason to doubt) that Steller stayed logged in overnight, building. First to be rezzed, a prim at a time, was this cabin:

Followed by The Beanstalk:

Not bad for a night’s work… and it says something important about the user interface’s learning curve, too. If you are (as I assume you must be, if you’re reading this blog) a current visitor/user/Resident/customer of Second Life, think for a moment about how much more rudimentary (and laggy!) everything was in Linden World than that which we complain about now… and understand that a person inspired by the possibilities could still accomplish all that on her first login!

When Linden World was taken down, replaced by 16 new regions, and renamed Second Life (some time around the end of October, 2002), certain landmark structures were preserved and re-rezzed. Steller’s cabin was not among them, but the Beanstalk was… and so was this:

Now known as “The Governor’s Mansion”, and located above the east coast of Clementina, it was Steller’s home in Linden World. It now has a basement level containing a slipshod attempt at a museum, which includes a display of this Linden World screenshot taken during construction (July 2002):

Notice the door in mid-air, in the process of being placed, and the Beanstalk at some indeterminable distance in the background.  I have to guess that the avatar is Steller, and that she captured this image, but I feel my guess is on solid pixel ground, since the hairstyle matches this photo of Steller dancing with some guy at a party at her place after it was finished:

In the comments to the NWN post linked above, brinda Allen mentions that Steller’s in-world presence was noted as recently as a year ago.  It’s nice to think that the Oldest of the Oldbies still logs in every once in a while…

Happy 9th Rezday, Steller!

(…and, coincidentally, happy ninth anniversary to “user generated content” not created by a Lab employee — to some, as important a milestone as Steller’s first login)

Note: The Beanstalk, and many other of Steller’s early creations, can be found on her land in the center of Welsh. There is also a surprise inclusion of prims she created the same day as the Mansion, as part of a build in Immaculate. The photo of the cabin comes from a web page Steller authored, which is still online. Two instances of the party picture can be found in-world: one is in Steller’s Viewmaster on the ground in Welsh; the other is in the museum on I-World Island.


9 responses to “Seconderth (a deep map): SS9B

  1. I continue to tell nooblets that in order to remain in Secondlife one must find a passion… likely one beyond shopping or pixel sex.
    Certainly one of yours Lalo is the documentation of where we came from.
    My passion here is doing what I can to promote Secondlife in world, taking new people around to explore our old world… and using your blog as a guide to that world.

  2. According to the SL Wikia, the cabin was also brought over from alpha to beta:

    “All other resident builds created during Alpha were deleted, except for the Mansion and another build by Steller which was a cabin, her first home (The Man Statue being the only Linden build from Alpha). After being carried over to the main grid, the cabin was used by Robin Linden in Taber as her home for a while. The mansion, which resides in Clementina, was given by Steller to the Lindens to preserve it for the crossover from Alpha to Beta testing.”


  3. I'm howling at the pic of Philip, sans mullet, partying down. Thank you for this bit of history, Lalo. I must go visit the bean stalk. I read about it not long after rezzing in 2007.

  4. @soror & brinda: Thank you :)

    @Troy: Thanks for pointing that out; I must've glossed over it when researching for the Clementina post last year. Too bad Robin didn't save it and hand it along for preservation.

    @Iggy: Yeah, somehow “Philip 1.0” seems more authentic than the avvie he kept for years after beta.

    btw… the city of Richmond must be psyched, with both the U. of R. and VCU in the tournament. Go Spiders!

  5. @HBA: Ta, mate :)

    @Papper: Grazie!

    @Mari: Y'know what'd be really nice? If Steller dropped by here to leave a comment, maybe tell us more about those first days, and what she's been up to since.

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