I’m baaaack….

Yes, I bought a new computer* to replace the fried one… I missed my pixellated friends! Twitter, blogs and forums just don’t cut it, though they helped immensely to stay in touch.

And by the way, all you “SL goes best with Facebook” advocates — especially the ones who work for the Lab — can cram it.

When the previous computer died, I also had to leave this unfinished on the build platform in Falconvale, InWorldz:

A discussion Ali and I had about the differences between “Goth” architectural style and historic Gothic put it in my head to make pointed arches and flying buttresses, so…. there they are. Got a chance to work on it today – all it’s missing now is the rose window, and then it goes up on the sales floor.


Should I say anything about (forgive me, Eli…) Hamletgate? Actually, I already have, over on soror’s blog from a couple of days ago, which in itself was a follow-up to the brief (and who knows how effective?) #unfollowhamletau campaign on Twitter. You definitely should go read that, but here’s the comment I left there:

This is more than a case of the famous xkcd comic: “someone on the Internet is wrong”; this is a case of someone (Hamlet) being demonstratively wrong-headed about how to present his opinion.

Loyalty, like respect, is not purchased; it is earned. I would not give a rat’s ass how often another blogger mentioned my work favorably, if they turned around and did something as detrimental to the discussion of a shared passion as Hamlet did. I would dissociate myself from that person — which, in these times, includes the neologism “unfollow”.

For the record: I ceased following New World Notes months prior, when it became clear to me that Mr. Au was engaging in cheap pandering — the word “sexy” was appearing far too often in his post titles, for one thing, and the (thankfully short-lived) inclusion of Night Flower What’s-her-name on the masthead was the final straw. (I didn’t need to unfollow him on Twitter, having never followed him in the first place.)

The word “trolling”, by the way, is derived first from the fishing term, in which one dangles bait in the water to see what will rise to it and take the hook. It’s merely serendipity that it can be altered to “troll” to mean someone who engages in the analogous practice in public discussion — a practice which has had sometimes catastrophic results through the history of humankind (cf. propaganda).

Apparently, sexual innuendo wasn’t sufficiently successful for Mr. Au’s page-hit count; he’s now stooped to the level of Prokofy.

Disrespect is earned, too.

And this little gem, which I dropped on Miso’s blog, pretty much sums up my opinion of Wagner One-Note and his campaign to shove Facebook up the collective ass of everyone in Second Life:

There are more things in heaven and (second) earth than are dreamt of in Hamlet’s philosophy, Horatio.

* Since I’ve already been asked a couple of times inworld, here’s the basics: AMD Athlon II x4 (quad core) at 2.8 GHz; ATI Radeon HD6800 graphics; 4Gb of DDR3 RAM; half a terabyte of hard drive… all for substantially less than the last system, bought two years ago and only a dual-core. (Whose law is that about computing power vs price, over time?) Saved even more by finding a “barebones” at TigerDirect that came without an operating system — I have a perfectly good copy of Win7 Pro already (it only needed 70 updates since its release, including Service Pack 1…)



8 responses to “I’m baaaack….

  1. Yay! WB! *happy virtual kitty dance*

    RE: 'what law is…” – Moore's Law :)

    RE: Hamletgate – “I guess that troll…

    *slips on shades*

    … smelled a little fishy.”


  2. OK Lalo… why don't you really tell me what you think…hmmmm?
    Well said my quiet friend.

    p.s. I saw that central Indiana IP a day or so ago =^..^=

  3. Lalo, wb my man.

    Hamletgate! Love it. He's way off his game these days, and his slamming the “pre-beta shoals of OpenSim” shows that he's not even getting out much any more.

  4. Welcome back, too, whenever that was! (I am *so* behind in weblog reading.)

    I think Hamletgate is over now, since his “oh when I said y'all were afraid of change, I meant it in a GOOD way!” post. :) But then I haven't read NWN regularly for… well, ever, come to think of it.

    (Night is actually a very nice person; Hamlet may have been exploiting her tendency to talk about sexy things, but I don't think that reflects negatively on her.)

  5. Thanks, Dale – not quite 3 weeks, btw :P

    Didn't mean to sound too harsh about Night… I spoke to her once shortly after her return to SL (she showed up at a Grace O'Clock), and she seemed nice enough.

    I'd say “Hamlet may have been exploiting” doesn't need the “may have been”; rather, “was”; all part of his grasping for readers, and not to my taste. Personal TMI belongs on personal blogs, not on something that purports to be journalism.

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