Bay City’s Third

Recently, the northern end of West Harbour has been getting a little… steamy.

The impetus was that airship — just too cool to pass up, especially at the introductory price of a mere L$299 (I believe the offer is still current, if you want to get yourself one). It’s a sweet ride, too — simple arrow-key controls, nice leisurely pace, perfect for mid-altitude sightseeing. I’ve taken it for a spin or two around the 5 Islands; then Mari McCann told me about Bay City’s Third Birthday celebration, and I decided to try combining a longer cruise with a little “photojournalism”.

So… about an hour before the parade was to begin, I teleported to Hau Koda Airport and rezzed the blimp. It handles sim crossings pretty smoothly, but it turned out getting an early start was a good thing: first time I flew toward the outdoor stage (in the region called North Channel, adjacent to the city of Nova Albion), the blimp suddenly disappeared and I fell to the pixel earth, while a message in my Chat window informed me that my object had been “returned” because the parcel I was crossing was full.

You thought banlines were a problem for aviators? They, at least, give you some visual warning and a chance to steer around them!

Back to Hau Koda, re-rezz the blimp, and this time I flew over the new open-water sims the Lab recently created along Bay City’s north coast (which now make it possible to sail all the way from the new boardwalk, past the Color Sims to the ANWR passage, then north to Heterocera). Once I arrived at my vantage point, I was joined by my new friend Bamboo and his lovely assistant Ahuva.

Wave to the camera, Bamboo…

A note about the images to follow: from a hundred or so meters in the air, the temptation is to increase draw distance so that the background looks like it would from that vantage “IRL”. I compromised on 512 meters, with the resulting slow-down in texture rez time… so there’s more gray in the photos than I’d ordinarily accept.  Lesson learned: the blimp is a great way to attend an outdoor event, but not the best platform for recording them.

The parade, though not long, featured RacerX Gullwing’s giant racing snails:

…and a ‘zilla:

At the height of the celebration, there were 51 avatars in the sim:

… including a good-sized contingent of old friends and acquaintances from another of Second Life’s finest communities, Luskwood:

The event was so successful, it even drew a griefer — well, a lame-assed griefer wannabe, anyhow. That’s the helicopter in the upper right corner of the photo above – its occupant spewed the same tired old aspersions about furries, and even tried to crash the sim with a particle rezzer cube, of all things (sheesh… it ain’t 2007 anymore, asshole). Needless to say, the banhammer fell, swift and sure.

Anyway ~ congratulations to Bay City on three years of community cohesion, continuity and coolness!



2 responses to “Bay City’s Third

  1. I sent you a tweet! You're officially Feted Inner Core now, congratulations.
    One of these days I'll catch you at Inz and have a sit down chat.
    Lately with RL/SL/Inz stuff I've not had the social time I should.
    Thanks for the update Dear.

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