Seconderth (a deep map): Rizal Revisited

Rizal was one of the first regions to be added when Second Life went from closed to open beta, at the end of March 2003. I first blogged about it last August, and mentioned then that it, as well as Oak Grove, were being rebuilt on Mole Islands dedicated to the tasks. (The Moles, you’ll recall, are more officially known as the Linden Department of Public Works.)

Last week, my invaluable colleague Mari McCann IM’d me to say that the Rizal project had been delivered:


It preserves the Hedge Maze from 2003:

… restores the Bumper Boat Blast from 2006:

… adds a waterfront:

…a hippo-themed playground:

…and a peaceful forest path:

It also adds hope that another of the LDPW’s restoration projects, Oak Grove, will be finished and moved to the main Grid soon (that’s it in the upper left corner of the playground photo, with Red Rocks Stage and the tattered remains of Wild West Town).

Since Rizal is right next to my old furry stomping grounds, I strolled around there for a while and found a couple of new things, which can be seen in my online collection.


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