A moving experience

Welcome to the new home of Telling: Like it Is, at Squarespace.

I haven’t moved everything over here yet from Blogspot, nor have I finished tweaking what’s already here (for example, the blogroll), but so far, I like it… and I’d better, because this isn’t a free service.

We’ve found out (or been reminded) recently that “you get what you pay for” is a misleading adage when it comes to Internet services. “Free” isn’t free at all — it comes with intangible costs and unforseen consequences, many of which result in the restriction of freedom.

The timing of this personal reaction to the arbirtrary and capricious behavior of the Googlearchy could have been better, because it’s nearly simultaneous with a major change of situations in InWorldz. That has resulted in a renaming of my region there, and the building business:


Ancient Greek πρᾶξις (praksis): action, activity, practice

  1. The practical application of any branch of learning.
  2. Philosophy: The synthesis of theory and practice, without presuming the primacy of either.
  3. Custom or established practice.

source: Wiktionary

In the language Neal Stephenson revealed in his excellent novel Anathem (among other things, an homage to Hermann Hesse’s Magister Ludi, a.k.a. The Glass Bead Game), he repurposed the word praxis to mean Technology… hence, my adoption of it, with a strong nod to definition 2 above.

So much to do, so little time… but, as Superchicken said, “You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.”


4 responses to “A moving experience

  1. well done.I have paid for Flickr services for a year now, my photos were far too valuable to risk, but currently I have my blog at bloodspot and wordpress… it will be interesting to hear how your host treats you/what facilities you have. Currently it looks fine and dandy.I love the name Praxis, good move on that front too.

  2. I learned this lesson in the early 90s when two very popular (to the point of being chosen for permanent inclusion in the pariswwwmuseum) "blog"/sites I had were disrupted and traffic-crashed due to being meddled about with in this exact way by "free" service providers. I started using Blogspot because of its ease-of-use and my own indecision on whether or not I could keep up a blog these days; my 7 yrs. "blogging" had worn me out. I've backed up my posts now, and installed this neat little plugin for Word for Windows: Blogger For Word. It allows me to compose in Word and then post to Blogger; this way I have my main articles on my own drive and Blogger can't mess that up.With all the blogging software out there now, which publishes to the web but remains under your own control, and the absolute cheapness of hosting now, there's really no excuse for me to continue to use "free" services which have no investment in me as a customer and can do anything they like to my hard work, including "rights" buried in some 4-page, obscure, 8pt typeface "TOS" or "Community Standards" agreement.

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