Namaste, brinda

The worlds, virtual and organic, lost a great soul today: brinda Allen.

I did not have the opportunity to spend much pixel-to-pixel time with her, but that hardly matters… you only needed her words to learn that brinda was one of the most genuine and admirable people to grace the surface of the planet, as well as the grids of Second Life and InWorldz.

She came by it the hard way, as most of us do, but unlike many of us, she learned… and then taught. In SL, she was dedicated to helping new Residents  — not merely to overcome the stumbling blocks of how things work, but to find their way toward some bliss, some reason to want to remain. For a lucky few, she provided a beautiful and peaceful home in her sim, Benares. For the rest of us, she shared her experiences, thoughts, and dreams in her blog, Brinda@Benares.

Her passion for virtuality, and what it could do to help people who might be missing support in the organic realm, was not confined to the here-and-now. She was also deeply interested in the history and continuance of Second Life. Our first meeting ‘in the pixels’ was somehow emblematic of that: in front of the Victoriana Pavilion, the day before that estate was removed from SL… and again in InWorldz, when Victoriana reappeared there, intact. She gave me many leads which wound up in the Seconderth series, and was a constant source of encouragement through her comments there, and through IMs and notecards in-world.

My thoughts go out to her family — the organic ones I’ll never know, of course, but there is a large and loving avatarian family she made, one person at a time, in Benares and beyond. We love her, and we will miss her terribly, and we will carry her with us in our hearts.

Wherever you have gone, brinda, go with grace… and may your next time around be a reward for how you touched our lives this time.


4 responses to “Namaste, brinda

  1. oh my. this is a shock. brinda was so nice to me. she gave me space on benares to build the 2010 Burn Temple, high above. once i left the burn scripts on, not knowing that she had tenants below. i gather they complained because the entire temple was returned to me. afterwards she was so apologetic, when really it was my own damn fault. brinda had that wisdom that the older ones have. i think it's true that we definitely become wiser with age and experience. her buddhist perspective was always out in front. she was always teaching and i learned much from her. i hope the organic ones read this. our brinda was indeed special and we did love her. i will miss her.

  2. Yes, she will be missed by many. Brinda was a real community builder in an age that uses that word far too glibly, she cared and watched over so many. I feel sure that she will continue to do so high above Benares on her way to a new incarnation.Namaste Brinda.

  3. I am shocked to read this! I only knew Brinda briefly, having me her only once at a SL Bloggers Haloween party held at her estates. She was so welcoming and gracious I felt like I had known her forever. I almost moved to Benares and now wish maybe I had. My condolences to all who knew and loved her in both lives.

  4. I am a Benears resident and knew brinda well. Days before her passing she was getting us ready for her departure, not that one could be ready for that.. but she really tried. She took the time to come in world and spend pixel time with me and reminded me that.. she wasn't going anywhere. Brinda found me on my first day in Second life and was the only reason I stayed. She helped me in ways that I can't express and she will be missed so much by so many of us. Thank you so much for your post. Its wonderful to read that so many felt the same as I do about her. I love and miss you Brinda. 3 years was not long enough

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