Autumn arrives

West Harbour, Second Life

Praxis, InWorldz

This is one of those “Damn, has it been that long since I last blogged???” posts.  Yeah, it has.  But y’know, it’s like the bumper sticker says:

RL Happens

Fortunately, nothing bad… in fact, pretty much the opposite.  The best part is, I finally have a “real life” outside of work, which includes dating a brilliant lady of my own age, proclivities, and manifold interests. Thus, I’m not haunting the virtual scene from Saturday afternoons through Sunday mornings as I once did… which was also the time I could most likely be found concocting a blog post.

But, no worries… you’re not rid of me yet! I’m merely having to re-apportion my time as priorities change. I did manage to go out and spend a big wad of both L$ and Iz’s on autumnal foliage (results above), just as the trees here in central Indiana are beginning to turn. Now I need to convince Ches and Zha not to change Harbour over to winter in a couple of months… Praxis, being solely mine, will probably stay stuck in Fall, at least until Spring.


L’Shana Tovah, everyone!


4 responses to “Autumn arrives

  1. simply stunning and prettier than the actual fall in New England this year – the leaves are pretty much just turning brown and droppingin this case, the virtual world is more inspiring and yields a larger grin on this face anyway =)

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